November 4, 2010

Thinking Thursday

As an off shoot to wondering wednesday, because well I missed wondering wednesday!..
I am hitting the Blog with "Thinking Thursday"

Why is because I couldn't "think" of anything to call the post and it was a day late for 'ww'!

So what have I been doing?

Yesterday I went to a lovely cooking circle where we cooked and ate a magnificent risotto, mmmm roast pumpkin and asparagus thanks in kind go to Hilbarn for supplying the fresh produce boxes we got the ingredients from... In kind with that another thankyou goes out to hilbarn for the 10 gorgeous white roses I received in this weeks box.

A huge thankyou to the home we invaded for our cooking circle and the 3 gorgeous women (and babies) I shared the day with :)

In other news I have started a business venture! You can find me on facebook
It is a slow process because if I try and take it too fast I will over commit and it will all fall apart, and that is not the idea behind this.

I have a few projects in play and a few in mind, some are xmas presents some are business related and yet another is an advent calendar for my children... so a few things on the cards, not too many on the go just yet tho :)

Hopefully sewing a few things today to get the ball rolling with business related stuff :)

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