February 28, 2012

From my phone...

Decided to move up in the world and added a Blogger app to my phone. Que random blogging, at bizarre times, with really bad auto correct features from time to time.

Today randomness is just the ability to be blogging at the dining table, juggling the toddler who will not sit still AT ALL.  Ahh parenthood how I love thee...

February 23, 2012

Check out my new venture..

and join in the fun :)


Developing Ideas - Monthly Trift Challenge

So I have this idea... It would be great if people would join me! (Australia only at this stage)

What I want to do is have a monthly craft challenge.
Each month I (or someone) will pick a topic, as an example I will choose the topic of "Easter" for march.

So you are challenged to make something for your Easter table, as a gift etc etc,
but it must be themed around Easter, so depending on your religious background (or foreground) this could be anything from symbols of new life to christian themed or just all about the rabbit and chocolate! You get the idea, it is your interpretation.

The catch is that for $10, you receive through the post, a kit that I (or someone) sends you, packed with all the goodies you are allowed to use to create your masterpiece.

All of these goodies, are to be sourced at a second hand store. Or if there is something specific that can't be sourced that way (such as crystals or thick card), as long as the person organising has had a good go at sourcing these things second hand, I am happy for things to be purchased new. Based on postage costs everyone will receive about $4 worth of thrift product to create something wonderful.

You can add notions to the products in the form of, wire, thread, glue, paint and pens etc. If you are not sure if you can use it then ask :)

You have until the end of the month to complete the challenge, and post a picture or link to the Blog or my Facebook page.

At the end of this time we can either arrange an anonymous swap of the creations or keep your own, or an auction off for a predetermined charity?

So the question is who would like to join me?

Please circulate this post to all the crafty people you know, it is a way to try your hand at something new and challenge us to think outside the box.

March will be $10 for the theme EASTER. I would ideally like to have the kits made up to post by March 5th so they have time to arrive and a few weeks to make.

So I would say cut off to sign up will be March 1st.

You can sign up by commenting here, in the Facebook album here or via email to mindtomat@gmail.com, with your email so I can send you payment details.

Payment via paypal (gift please) or direct deposit.

Well because I have been meaning to for AGES, and this idea makes it extra special to get it out there... Flogging my Blog over at the wonderful world of Glowless today <3