December 15, 2010

12, 11, 10

day 12 saw... well actually I can't remember, which tells me one of the kidlets picked a card with decoration...

11 (done this morning) Was to have take out for dinner, because november was declared no 'junk food' month it is a special treat to have take out this month, I am hoping it will become more of a treat rather than a constant as it used to be for us!

day 10... 10... 10 days til familymas... how the hell am I going to get everything done?
- the big kidlet drew 11 and 10 this morning. 10 was a card for a cooking time, this she got to pick what she wanted to make and chose... pies! yep homemade pies in the pie maker it is... when? That is yet to be determined!!!

December 13, 2010

Advent 16, 15, 14 and 13

With the kidlets being all over the place at the moment due to parental commitments it means we have been lax in other things, the advent calendar has been behind in days on a regular basis!!

Big Kidlet pointed out to me the day AFTER I had "made sure it was correct" that it was STILL a day short *sigh*

So Day 16 - decoration
Day 15 - decoration
Day 14 - Decoration
Day 13 - Decoration

Today being day 12 has not been opened yet!

I know that there are 2 activities (at least) left in the calendar.

The seasonal table and trip to Holwell Gorge didn't occur yesterday as the weather was unfavourable to spending time in the bush, cold and windy.
So the trip to HG has been put off until the 21st december, we are doing our aquatic centre visit on the 20th. The weekday that hubby and big Kidlet are both on holidays. I am thinking a seasonal table will happen before then however when exactly I am not sure yet!!

In other news, 90 photo's are here ready for me to sort through and scrap into a xmas present for my MIL, my SIL's quilt is half way through the machine sewing and I am hoping to finish that off today, then I need to bind it all together and finally do the hand quilting... so much still to do!! But I am really happy with it so far!

I have familymas presents to wrap and layby's to pick up so I can wrap! Only a few more things to buy and it is all looking good for now :) (touch wood - if you are superstitious)

XX Merry Familymas XX

December 9, 2010

Advent 18 and 17

Day 18 saw the Big Kidlet drawing yet another activity card - This time the aquatic centre visit! I have no idea where we are going to fit these activities in at all!!

Day 17 today and the boy drew another decoration for the tree which his older sister proptly took from him with encouragement of "would you like me to do it for you?" and then rearranged each decoration that had previously been put on the tree, only to put it all back after being told it was not for her to decide where everything went, she would get her turn!

Really must get onto doing this quilt project, I have cut all the pieces I need to assemble them to make sure it looks good then iron them all down on the quilt top, sew them all in place, bind it all and then somehow hand quilt it all before december 24th... Plenty of time right? hahahaha

'tis the season to be stupid.....

December 7, 2010

21, 20, 19...

Day 21 of advent, again saw my boy help himself and somehow managed to lose the decoration he found in the card!

Day 20 saw the baby choose a card with a small felt circle "bauble" to put on the tree.

Day 19 and the eldest had her turn and again managed to choose an activity card, which will see us all in the kitchen making cupcakes for christmas sometime in the week leading up to christmas. Possibly the 23rd, so we can take them to the christmas eve celebrations at Aunties place the next day.

Day 18 today and they have not done the advent calendars yet, I have chicken wings in the slow cooker, ready for dinner left over salad from last night in the fridge and that is all I can be bothered with! Today saw the kitchen almost clean... and me feeling like an emotional time bomb!

December 3, 2010

Advent - learnings

With Advent happening here and me putting myself as the main participant because I made the calendar, pop on over to Chaos Sanctuary to read up on all things advent, I will be linking between the 2 blogs alot over the coming weeks because although I am the creator of our Advent adventures, the children will be learning much and that is what this blog is specifically about.

In a bit over a week the summer seasonal table will be complete and it will all be here in this space to look at and read about.

Days of Advent

So here is how the calendar count down works, you pick a random card.... Have a look what it inside, discuss (if needs be), write the number of days until xmas morning on the card and slot it back in the pocket with the number facing out like so....

Card 24 - day 1 of advent, as discussed earlier was to make a summer seasonal table - we have given this the date of the 12th December.

Card 23 - day 2 of advent, has seen the big kidlet pull another activity card, a trip to the Holwell Gorge, which is another activity we have been meaning to do and never found the time, we have decided that we will have a combination day and Visit the Gorge on the 12th of december also and collect things/take photo's for our seasonal table there instead of here in our little area of bushland.

Card 22 - day 3 of advent, this morning saw my son help himself to a card, claiming it was his little sister's choice, because it was her turn... inside they found a small felt bell to put on the felt christmas tree.

I now need to research the Nature's Table idea and give the oldest kidlet a chance to read through a few options and maybe make up an activity list for doing on the day. I am thinking a wreath style collage, using summer foliage, some printed photo's, a few summer coloured candles.... some interesting bits and pieces that we all choose to represent summer for us!

December 2, 2010

Debtcember - Advent - Summer

Debtcember as it is known on our fridge calendar, in true naming fashion, sees us not in Debt so much as having no spare cash to throw around!

It is the second day in december, the christmas tree is up lights and all and the kidlets are enjoying the randomness of the way they put it together on there own (a little help from dad for the lights)

The advent calendars have been started (yes there are multiples), 4 of them in fact! 1 chocolate calendar each for the children from Aunty A, and the Family Advent calendar hand made by me!!!

The Christmas Tree half

The pocket half

The christmas tree will be docorated by the felt decorations the children will find in the pockets.

The whole Calendar, the only thing left to do it make up some cards for each pocket and put the decorations in the cards, 17 decorations and 24 days of advent..... so 7 of our cards have activities written in them.

The pockets each with a card poking out the tip top.
The design is such that the children randomly select a pocket pull the card out and discover what is inside, 17 have the christmas tree decorations and 7 of them have family activities, each card with an activity has a place to put a date to do the activity because we are so short of time this month we need to date things otherwise we will never get to them!

The first day (yesterday) Saw the boy child draw the first card, an activity card! We are making a trip into the bush on Sunday the 12th Dec, and finding some things that say 'summer' to us. Then we will craft and create out of those things and make a Summer Seasonal Table, something I have always wanted to get into with the kids and just never found the time.

I will post again tonight with the results of today's pick and a new photo showing how the count down works...