September 18, 2012

School Holidays!

As they always seem to the school holidays put a back burner on almost everything. 
They also seem to show me every. single. time. just how much time I don't spend with my children, ever!

I mean, I am always here with them, I am available if they need me. 
But I don't really make the time to interact with them.
I am the kind of parent who sits back and ignores them encourages their independence!
That is, I leave them to their own devices and supply them with things, as they ask for them.

Essentially, that gives them space to explore and discover who they really are, well, it is supposed too right?

So what happens when all your children do is sit in front of a screen? 
Well I sit in front of one too!

We had a weekend away at the beach(ish) last weekend.  No screens allowed.. well aside from the phones, and the TV in the shack we stayed at!

The children had no access to any thing computery... yes it is a word... at least, it is now!!!

They did however have access to a bunch of other children to play with, so that tends to help heaps in the 'Occupy Yourself' stakes! Also with the other adults around, I was able to have a break and time out from the kids, although I probably relied on others too much!

So the point of this post seems a little lost. 
Although I believe in the way I am bringing up my children, I feel like there is some connection missing and too much 'screen time' and the task of breaking the not so fabulous routine we have going is a daunting one, that I am not sure I want to take on.  Is it better to change things and go through the massive upheaval it will bring to my children?  They tend to throw small tantrums when screens are taken away!
Or do I leave them to do what they want to and spend time trying to encourage other play?  They currently like to leave the screens from time to time and do role play games, usually about the shows and/or games they have been watching/playing.  Is that enough?
I know it wasn't what I did when I was a child, but when I was a child the world was a different place!  Embracing the differences is something I feel needs to happen as well.  I wasn't raised the same way my parents were, and my children in turn will not be raised the same way I was, because every generation is different.

Do I trust that my children will self regulate their screen time? 
I believe that as the weather gets nicer they will increase their outside play and in turn decrease the screen time.

On a whole new topic, the weekend away provided much needed time away from everything.  I got quite a bit of #operationMOVE time in. (check the side bar for more info).
Problem is I am losing count of what I have recorded because I am not writing it down anywhere and forget what I have already added to my total!

So lets see if I can work it out here.. adding my totals from the weekend.
30 minutes for Saturday
45 minutes for Sunday
and Yesterday's 30 minute treadmill and 30 minute bush work..

That takes me to 300 minutes! Half way there! only a few days late!  YAY!!

And to top off all that MOVEment, there were Dolphins at the beach... I saw them a few times as they made their way up the coast line, and managed to catch the very tip of some dorsal fins in a photo, after my phone didn't want to take photo's the way I wanted and the video option wouldn't take video for longer than 4 seconds... I will share that and some more pics tomorrow!

September 4, 2012

A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

So, I know I said I would Blog yesterday, and I totally didn't!

I also said I would try and get in on the OperationMOVE action on Sunday, and I failed at that too!!

But here we are a couple of days on and if you check out my new ticker <-- over there! You will see I have done 60 minutes or my 600!!!

Yes that is correct I did 30 minutes walking yesterday and another 30 minutes walking today!! YAY Go me!!!

To check out what it is all about or to join in click on the OperationMOVE button <-- over there!

So on to the Slow Home thing I promised to write about... Head over and check out Brooke at Slow Your Home

She offers a 20 part email course packed full of ideas for organising, cleaning, storing and essentially SLOWING your home down and making everything run smoother and more efficiently...

Unfortunately for me, being up to number 10 on the list, I am yet to do number 1 and even start!

Spring is here, spring cleaning IS on the agenda, and yet other things are consistently taking priority and not much is getting done!

So next time I blog, be that tomorrow or next week I will have at least 1 story to tell about the Bootcamp, and Hopefully it will be a fabulous one that means something in my house is organised, decluttered and running effectively!

September 2, 2012


I have been meaning to blog for a while... other things just seem to take priority!!

So September is here! Bringing with it the Calendar start to spring! Essentially spring started a while back but it is good to have a date to look forward to and easier for those who don't watch the seasons in nature!

The first calendar day of spring this year, brings with it an 11 year wedding anniversary that was basically left uncelebrated, as chosen by both parties! It was a beautiful day and with the ability to get washing out and dry, that took priority over much of anything else we could have done! The problem then becomes the fact that we barely got half way through the washing pile!

It also begins the first month of OperationMOVE, over at Kate Says Stuff!


and Hells if I didn't stuff up on day one and not do what i was supposed too!
So a revised take on the timetable and here we are!

I have committed to 600 minutes of excercise in September, being 30 minutes of walking on treadmill excercise 5 days per week.  Those days are going to be Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Lets hope the revised timetable works out and I manage those 30 minutes today!

You can join in via the link above and using #OperationMOVE on Twitter.

What else is on the list of things to blog about?

Oh yup, business stuff...


Which is also eating up my time and I am exhausted THRILLED!

Next post hopefully Tomorrow I will introduce you to another blogger who is kicking my butt helping me out, in the home organisation stakes!