June 28, 2010

On the Home Front

I was sorta in the mood for a purge but at the same time I am not really sure what to write.
I looked up some courses to see what was available as an online thing and found nothing of interest, but it was a step worth taking, I looked up jobs but ultimately decided my breast fed 13 month old is not yet at an age to be left for extended periods of time without my breasts.
Got a fair bit of washing done over the weekend and now it is all getting rained on again and no where near dry. My kitchen is now clean (YAY).
I am yet to do the lounge room which is the next big task and is probably the one that needs doing the most.
We have 2 hens laying and have decided to leave the eggs for chickens, but then i am completely unsure about any of that at the moment so not sure if we will do that or not.
Tax time is nearly upon us and I am SOOOO looking forward to being in the green again.
I have just signed up to purchase heaps of fabric, which I possibly shouldn't do but heck why not?
Also buying some DVD's and a few bags as a fundraiser.

I have put up a lot on auction to raise funds for midwives legal fees in SA.

I am considering where to go in the way of change but as yet nothing major seems to be popping up, Although most would say my kitchen being clean is plenty of change for my slackness.

Leaky roof has been fixed although not tested yet, and hopefully will not be in the middle of the night as the leak is/was right above my head when sleeping!!

July is a busy month for birthdays with 6 in my family including mine and hubby's.

As such I do hope to be back to purge more random bull regularly.

June 24, 2010


Change is a small word with big meaning, of everything you do in life you must embrace change. It is something I have been lacking in recent times, but with the massive change in the political world here at the moment, I have embraced the theory of change and am determined to do something towards achieving the goal of changing my life, whether it be something small or large, emotional or material, physical or superficial. I have been contemplating so much change that nothing has actually changed and that means I am going no where fast with regards to just about everything.
My parenting is failing in the dismal winter bleakness as my son sits engrossed in any TV program or playstation game that I can put on to keep him entertained. Playdough only lasts so long before it gets boring for an almost 3 year old.
Bills pile up the credit card gets increasingly more full and I start to lose focus on what should be done and begin to ignore it all in the hope that it will all go away. Leaving me time to do something I want to do.
While one account loses funds before they hit it, another is gaining funds at a steady, strong rate preparing to pay some debt come November.
I want to enable the ability in myself to plan for my future, not just my children's future but my own future and the future of my relationship and the property we have committed ourselves to developing. Everything is being run from fortnight to fortnight and hoping that at some point something will just pop up to save us from ourselves. Putting trust out there is one thing but not making any changes to give that trust a chance to set us in good stead is an entirely different concept, nothing will be gained from sitting on ones hands other than the loss of feeling and ability in those hands.
I have been sitting on my hands long enough, day to day meanderings is just not going to cut it anymore. I have very little life of my own. I have a lack of confidence and belief in myself and as a person in my own right. I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend. But I struggle to be ME!
I have just watched the shortest day of the year pass me by without more than a silent thought that it was happening and it is of massive importance to me, to the core of who I am, who I long to be.
I have recently discovered that I need to find a path that I can take to have some sort of income, whether that be work, study to gain qualifications for work, or something business preparations of my own doing. So taking a career test was my first port of call which didn't really help much, it told me the most suitable career for me would be, one of about 10 things only a few of which interest me, of which barely any are obtainable for a mother of 3 with a partner in full time work who refuses to put her children in care. I mean sure they have days and some nights (for the older children) at there grandparents place, only really hours for the toddler as she is still breastfeeding. But leaving them for 8 hour days 5 days a week is not on my agenda. Making that choice leaves limited options for both work and study and presents additional problems for business preparations.
I am a creative person at heart and would love to work on that to some degree, I have a strong interest in sewing, photography, scrapbooking and plants, mainly food and medicinal plants. I love the ocean and animals and always wanted to be a marine biologist and aside from the major lack of time to study it would also require me to not only leave my children but leave my home, there are no courses near me and no distance courses that can be applied to sciences, due to the extensive practical nature of the subject.
So I am stuck here in a loop trying to figure out where to go and what to do, time for change......

June 14, 2010

Home school is no more...

So what a journey we had, it was only just really beginning and now it is no more...
Ishtar returned to school (a new school for her, locally) 2 weeks before the Tasmanian school term break, which ends tomorrow with most students returning for term 2 but at Ishtar's school there is a "Student Free day" and as such she will be returning to school on Wednesday.
surprisingly for me I am finding things alot more relaxed and enjoyable without her here during the day. Unsurprisingly she absolutely loves school and has already made some new friends and is really fitting in well from what I understand.

The journey to learning is still here to map my parenting journey, as my other blog is being allocated to stories of the hearth and my own journey of discovery for myself, the property that we have taken on and any crafty projects I take along the way.

So I will update periodically with things that concern me on any parenting front.
As home is where things are learnt regardless of whether your child goes to school or not.
The most recent journey of discovery here has been a lengthy conversation with my recently turned 8 year old about the menstrual cycle and all things associated with it, we will be taking a special shopping trip to get some material for her menstrual pads as she has decided that like her mummy she wants to use reusable pads.

back soon

Blessingways, Births and Creativity

I have been out of it for a while again, nothing much new there I guess.

In between posts I have been to 3 blessingways, seen 2 of those pregnancies grow to wonderful completion in glorious home births, and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the last babe into his/HER mother's arms again at home in loving surroundings.
I have created 3 Henna'd bellies, with the help of a design picked by the mother to be. Supplied Beads for 3 gorgeous blessingway necklaces and been absolutely honoured to bless these lovely women on there journeys to birthing.
In an inspirational creative spurt I also made a Birthing Blanket, come quilt, come towel, for the beautiful mama who will be birthing her first babe very shortly.