July 26, 2011

Things in the works

So things in the creative pipeline,

I have started some incense cone holders, ceramic with pentagrams stamped in them...

I have also made a dream pillow from one of my drawn creations from a few months back, which is on it's way to it's new owner today.

I have a desire to sit and channel some new drawing blocks for more dream pillows, it will all be added to my stash to sell at this years Australian Wiccan Conference, along with tumbled stones from The Crystal Keeper.

I have a bunch of nice sticks to turn into wands for the AWC stall also, lets hope I get a few inspiring creations to share :)

July 13, 2011

Birthday's again

So it is all on again, birthday's everywhere...

Dad's, Brother-in-Law's, Husband's, Mine!, Sister's, Niece's and a few more distant relatives and friends thrown in the mix....

So we are between Hubby's and mine...

Hubby had the day off on Monday (his birthday) and it was just a pretty crap day really. The big kidlet was at home sick and vomiting all day, we started doing a few odd jobs around the place and hubby accidently broke one of the grafts off our two way apple tree, it didn't break all the way through so he has bound it back together tightly and maybe it will repair and we will still have a two way tree. So really the day wasn't all that brilliant for him.
We had home made pizza's for dinner, which were delicious if I do say so myself, and then a Self saucing butterscotch pudding, which was pretty damn yummy too... check it out

So next up is my birthday and I can't decide what I want to have for dinner! Just typical...

New Beginnings

I have a few new projects in mind, and will try and start creating tonight...

I have a desire to create, time and motivation are needed.. then space, if I can't move stock out I can't make stock as it just all sits for far too long and takes up space that I just don't have.

Only time will tell :)