July 30, 2013

Blogfast - Morning

At Kate Says Stuff and I am running late, again!

Flickering eyelids, muffled voices, a cold chill creeps into the warmth as half of the bed empties.

"Noo, not yet, just a few more minutes"  I will the daylight to hold off just a little longer, for the clock to stop ticking, the world to stop turning.

In half an hour from now I will drag myself out of my nest of warmth and begin the day.

Within mere moments orders are given, and arguments break out.

"What do you want on your sandwich for lunch? What fruit would you like to take? Have you got your shoes on?  Find your shoes!  Have you got your shoes on?  Please FIND YOUR SHOES!  Have you got your..."

Drop everything and find some shoes!

"Have you got your shoes on?  alright, here is your lunch and drink bottle, can you put them in your bags please?  Is there time for breakfast?"

" No!"

Another day of Nutella sandwiches eaten on the way to the bus.

"Bags on it is time to go,"

"I want to be driven to school"

"Not this morning, I will pick you up after school today though."

"Then I am not going, I don't want a mum anymore!"

"You have to go, if you don't go on this bus now, I wont pick you up after school." 

They walk out the door, shoulders hunched with tears in his eyes, my boy makes his way to the end of the driveway to catch the bus.

8am, The house grows silent, I make myself a cup of tea.

"I am hungry" 

The youngest has found her voice.  Another Nutella sandwich...

"I am thirsty"

I make her a warm drink of chocolate

The phone rings.

"Good Morning" I say cheerily.

July 19, 2013

Rise of the Glums...

It's been 3 weeks since my last post, and I am not really keen on whats going on at the moment... That 3 weeks went WAY too fast for my liking, and were filled with way too much 'stuff'.

My Hubby's grand father lost his long time battle with Cancer, as a person I only met once, it was not hard for me to hear of the loss, but I do wish he had met his Great Grandchildren at least once.

I had the news that my 26week pregnant cousin and good friend, was in hospital on bed rest due to complications.  She is currently waiting on a new ultrasound on Monday to let her know if she can return home to be on bed rest in her own bed.  Nothing further has developed and we are hopeful that her bub will hold steady for at least another 4 weeks, bringing her to 32 weeks when survival has a much greater chance for bub.

My Hubby's step-grandfather went to hospital after a heart attack and was in a really bad way, expected not to survive, our whole family having virusy illness at this time meant no one could take that trip to see him.  He has thankfully recovered remarkably well and will be moved to the rehabilitation ward sometime soon.

At the same time as all this, my hubby's Grandmother (partner to said man) went in for a test requested by specialist doctors, even though results would amount to no outcome as it was already decided that they could not operate on her again, and in devastating fashion they have dislodged some 'plaque' in a vein and caused her to have a stroke.  4 days later after her brain swelling increased over time rather than decreased she passed away during the night last friday.  Her funeral was yesterday, this is a devastating blow to the entire family and I am sure most people are yet to come to terms with the fact that she will not be seen again.  I know I haven't!  She will be sorely missed come Christmas time this year as family traditions change once again and cousins, aunts and uncles drift further apart in her absence.

So basically, while all the SHIZ has been falling down around me and I have been desperately trying to cling to something that WILL NOT fall down, I have found myself completely remiss in all things #MyBlackmores and #OperationMOVE!  In fact I have done NO moving for the purpose of moving since the 29th of June and have very rarely put any information into the Diary on the My Blackmores site.  I am however proud that in all my failings I have not completely blown out my calories, I have been keeping myself somewhat in check and choosing healthier options or less quantity where I can.
The biggest blow out issue I have had would be the amount of hot drinks I have had, there isn't quite anything like a cup of tea to calm the emotions.
In addition to all that Shiz ^^ It has been School Holidays, I have had sick kidlets, and I have been failing miserably to keep up with all things house work.

So come Monday I am hoping to hop on my scales having lost a little, regrouping over the weekend.

There is a lot of healing and processing to happen for me in the next... however long it takes.  I can only hope that I can see things clearly and come out the other side more stable and sure of myself than when I went in...