Hi there,

I am Katie, I am a Woman, who is a slightly crunchy, feminist type, pagan!
I am a mum, to 3 children.  I fully support birthing choice, and have had 2 home births, and fully breastfed 2 of my children.
I am a Wife, to a husband.  I fully support marriage equality.

I enjoy Blogging, Sewing, Crocheting, Facebook and Candy Crush!
I DO NOT enjoy Cleaning and Washing!

We live in the lovely state of Tasmania.  On 30 rural acres of mess in an old house that leaks a lot.
I love it here and we all have bigger plans than we can achieve at present.

I blog about everything and anything and everything that comes to my attention, I may not be good at making sense, or using the correct words in the correct manner.  But feel free to point out any issues you may have! <3 br="">
Love, Light and Laughter


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