July 30, 2010

More of the same...

This weekend will be a busy one, if I can find the time between looking after the children and getting the house-work done at any rate!

I have to sort out an enclosed child proof backyard, as yesterday my son (almost 3) took my daughter (1) down to the road to check the mail!! OMG!!! I had a small panic attack and proceeded to close the gate... The gate is annoying when it is closed all the time, I have issues with getting in and out of the car everytime to open and then close the gate... maybe it is just laziness?
We still need the enclosed backyard whether the gate is open or closed, I have a tupperware party next weekend and there needs to be a safe place for the children to enjoy the time they will be here, and there will be lots of them, so that the parents can relax have a cuppa and chat and buy tupperware LOL! Not that I am concerned with the amount of tupperware anyone buys :)

I will be meeting at least 1 new person which will be great (I hope) after receiving the phone call this morning to RSVP I am now exceedingly nervous about the whole thing and I can not even remember her name :(

In the way of sewing, I have alot to do also, I have everything I need to get things done now but I still need to find the time to DO them.
Blessingway flags are first on the agenda because they need to be posted out on monday. To do that I have to iron, cut, overlock and then sew and draw a border around each one.
The the quilts for Suzi's twins, which I wanted to post out on monday too but I am not sure I will make that deadline, although I will do my absolute best to.
More Ironing, cutting, overlocking, sewing, piecing the lot together, sewing, binding the edges, sewing... you get the idea.

So a busy one, if I get the time I will photograph as I go, on top of that Kurt really need to get out and cut some more wood, hopefully find some good dry stuff to cut so that the combustion can be going most of the time... I need to get outside and do washing and pruning of the fruit trees and other things, that should have been done a while back now.

I have a sick 8yo who will be returning to my care either tonight or tomorrow depending on how my mother in law feels, as she was collected from school yesterday and stayed with her nan so as to save me waking the baby and then hopefully save us all from getting whatever bug she has picked up... reason number 753 to home school anyone. Said 8yo loves school though, it is working for her and that is what is important in the long run as it is her life.

July 20, 2010


So we got our third week of Hilbarn boxes yesterday and while it was good it wasn't quite as 'us' as we would normally go for, so finding some creative inspiration might be needed to use it up, and also to use up what is left of the massive box from last week.
Maybe a recipe post or 2 wouldn't go astray.
Kurt and I got a pie maker for our birthday present and some pastry to go with it! We have had egg and bacon pies and chunky steak pies so far. DD wants pies for dinner tonight but we are having stir fry with chicken to use up some of our vegetable content and I think pies will be on tomorrow nights agenda.
I do have some pics for the blog but at the moment I haven't edited the size of them so they are still waiting.
Maybe they can go on the journey blog as our first recipe?
I have made a start on the Quilts I have the layout designed and ready I need to wash the backing fabric and get a few more things from spotlight and we will be ready to sew.
I hope I do it all justice and make something for the gorgeous bubs to treasure.

July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

So it is my birthday today :)
I turn 28 years old, not that it makes that much difference time wise really as yesterday I was 1 day off 28 years old, but you know.
Happy birthing day Mum, I hope it wasn't too much hell for you to remember.

Today I have offered to make a beautiful woman a gift of 2 quilts for her premie twin boys that she is struggling to make the hospital give her the room to care for in the best possible way, I hope I can do them justice if I am asked to go ahead with them.
I have been out and collected sticks to set the fire for Kurt to light when he gets home so that the house will be warm when the children and I return from my sister's birthday tea(for me)/tupperware party.
I have been out and few the chooks and collected the 2 eggs only to go out again this afternoon and get DS to collect another 2 for me, 4 eggs again today, 4 on wednesday only 2 yesterday tho!

I am taking a dozen eggs to my sisters as we have a heap but I am thinking I might add another 12 to that because there is still over 2 dozen in my fridge.
and with them laying 4 a day I need to get rid of them somewhere :)
that will do for now,I will have to take some pics of our new orchard soon and post about that maybe over the weekend.

July 13, 2010

Hilbarn - week 2

Yesterday we received our second Hilbarn box, this time a $50 box as we need to decide which box we will get on a longer term basis.
WOW, I am overrun with vegies, I had to pull out all stops to try and get it all in my fridge.

So in there we have, and I weighed and counted everything just for BLOG land!!

2 Massive bunches of silverbeet
2 cauliflowers
4 broccoli heads
a bunch of 4 bokchoy
a bunch of Kale (caverlo Nero?)
a bunch of Choy Sum
2 chillies
2 lemons
2 kilos of Pinkeye potatoes
20 carrots
10 parsnips
12 apples
11 onions
and 10 kiwi fruit

I am not sure how we are going to consume all of that food and I think it would be best for us to get a weekly $25 box for now.

I made a really nice chicken stirfry last night with 400 grams of chicken and a heap of vegies, parsnip, carrots, cauliflower, silverbeet and a mushroom thrown in.
The children were not impressed with it but *shrug* when are children ever impressed?

Hilbarn - week 1

OK so lets see if I can get 10 minutes without either of my children waking, it is rare that Ishtar gets off to school without one of the younger ones being awake so fingers crossed I can get a few blog posts up before the havoc starts.

We are getting Hilbarn deliveries, well no we are picking them up from a delivery location as they don't deliver to our area but Kurt travels through Launceston on the day they deliver so it isn't hard to just grab the box. Hilbarn is a fruit and veg delivery service providing $25 and $50 boxes of fresh and local fruit and veg.

Last week we got our first box of $25, it included potatoes, lemons, lime, cos lettuce, tomatoes, alfalfa, onion, apples, pears and Tamarillo. Possibly more but I can't think right now, here is a photo of the first box.

It was exciting to sort through it all and try to find somewhere to put everything away.
Not only that the contents tastes great and the idea that someone else does the choosing and packing for you means you get all good stuff without having to sort through the supermarket/greengrocer bins and you get items you would never have picked out for yourself, so you get an incentive to use a bigger range of ingredients.

July 5, 2010

Homestead News

If you can call it a homestead....
With regards to chookens, yes "chookens", we have decided that chickens are a must, we are getting 3 eggs daily at the moment and as such we have decided to leave 2 days worth of eggs in the nest and collect the oldest eggs everyday (starting tomorrow) put the eggs we want to hatch aside until we have the desired amount (12) and hope that one of the chickens goes broody in the mean time so we can put her on a nest with all the eggs in a cage of her own, so by day 21 after the relocation, we hope to have some little chicks.

In other news, with a helping hand from a friend, I have a corrugated iron round garden bed ready to be put in place and filled so I can start planting. Carrots seem to be the likely culprit for a first crop. I also have 2 more rounds that need cutting and joining to add to the garden location. I need to go elsewhere and dig up the soil to put in the beds, with additions of turkey and chook poo, maybe some shredded newspaper to encourage the wormies.

Kurt picked up our first Hilbarn delivery today, a gorgeous box of fresh local vegies and fruit, a few we have never used before and I quite look forward to the learning curve.

Our oldest child has decided today that she wants to start cooking, taking photo's and putting up recipes on the internet, a fanciful idea helped along by her fathers's culinary creation of a fried devon and egg bread roll stack! (which he photographed and said he was putting on facebook)
I am not at all sure if that had ANY health properties to it but none the less it looked great to her and as such she has decided that she wants to do something similar, starting with a vanilla cake with lemon icing.
I am not sure if we will get there or not but if we do it will go over in the Journey to Learning blog.

Since the oldest's return home from school with a cold last week both the baby and I have developed the same cold and I am feeling very drained without doing much at all. I have been dosing up on vit c and hoping it will not be long before it is all over!
Kurt's birthday sunday and we have nothing planned for a present, but basically we cant afford alot anyway.
My birthday the friday after that and well much the same thing is applied!
Kurt is having a party type thing here on Saturday if people actually show up this time round! Living this far out of town seems to mean very few people want to make the trip even though there is room to stay and no need to drive home in the late night/early morning fog if they don't want to.
We will see what happens I guess.
Wallaby for tea tonight, will see if I can make it a good experience for us all or not!

July 1, 2010

Tax Time is upon us

Well, with the change of month comes a busy time in the life of yours truly, busier than I first thought it seems.

Today is My dad's birthday, Happy birthday DAD! Not that he will ever read that LOL
Today saw me downloading a tax program to do Kurt's tax return. It saw me going out side to find our 2 dogs in the pen with the 11 chooks for the 3rd time in 2 weeks... and still all the chookies are fine Thank Fuck for small miracles, on that expedition I also discovered a new stash of eggs in the chook pen that I will need to go and collect later today, I might mark them and relocate them to the "nesting box" in the hope that they will lay there all the time, or make a few other boxes around the place?
No sooner did I get inside than I get a phone call from the Primary school telling me my daughter, who left an hour and a half ago on the bus, needs to be picked up as she is sick and the teacher has sent her home... yes the teacher sent her home, she didn't ask to come home, she was sent home, or rather I was told to go and get her. So she sits outside the office at school for 40 min waiting for me to arrive and pick her up.
Taking the opportunity I paid her school fees and went to the shop for milk etc.
Then back home we come. Tomorrow we have a friend coming round to go shooting with Kurt, then Saturday we are going to my parents for a birthday dinner for both dad and my brother in Law who's birthday is on wednesday.
The following weekend is Kurt's birthday, so I am thinking family lunch here on Saturday, altho I am not sure yet as I think my sister will be busy, and I haven't spoken to Kurt yet, the weekend after that, is my birthday time, Dinner at sister's friday night followed by a tupperware party of all things, she was lovely tho and asked me first and said she would change it if I wanted her to.
The weekend after that is my sister's b'day so that will see me and the kids, at least, going to Ringarooma to her place, which will be great because I haven't been there often. 2 days later will be back to my other sister's again for my nieces b'day. Then we have a break until september!

Trying to find myself in this absolutely fucking nightmarish month is going to be a challenge but if I can't take that on then I can't take anything else on either!

Hopefully by the end of the night Kurt will have his tax put through and in 2 weeks time we will be very much green rather than red....