July 1, 2010

Tax Time is upon us

Well, with the change of month comes a busy time in the life of yours truly, busier than I first thought it seems.

Today is My dad's birthday, Happy birthday DAD! Not that he will ever read that LOL
Today saw me downloading a tax program to do Kurt's tax return. It saw me going out side to find our 2 dogs in the pen with the 11 chooks for the 3rd time in 2 weeks... and still all the chookies are fine Thank Fuck for small miracles, on that expedition I also discovered a new stash of eggs in the chook pen that I will need to go and collect later today, I might mark them and relocate them to the "nesting box" in the hope that they will lay there all the time, or make a few other boxes around the place?
No sooner did I get inside than I get a phone call from the Primary school telling me my daughter, who left an hour and a half ago on the bus, needs to be picked up as she is sick and the teacher has sent her home... yes the teacher sent her home, she didn't ask to come home, she was sent home, or rather I was told to go and get her. So she sits outside the office at school for 40 min waiting for me to arrive and pick her up.
Taking the opportunity I paid her school fees and went to the shop for milk etc.
Then back home we come. Tomorrow we have a friend coming round to go shooting with Kurt, then Saturday we are going to my parents for a birthday dinner for both dad and my brother in Law who's birthday is on wednesday.
The following weekend is Kurt's birthday, so I am thinking family lunch here on Saturday, altho I am not sure yet as I think my sister will be busy, and I haven't spoken to Kurt yet, the weekend after that, is my birthday time, Dinner at sister's friday night followed by a tupperware party of all things, she was lovely tho and asked me first and said she would change it if I wanted her to.
The weekend after that is my sister's b'day so that will see me and the kids, at least, going to Ringarooma to her place, which will be great because I haven't been there often. 2 days later will be back to my other sister's again for my nieces b'day. Then we have a break until september!

Trying to find myself in this absolutely fucking nightmarish month is going to be a challenge but if I can't take that on then I can't take anything else on either!

Hopefully by the end of the night Kurt will have his tax put through and in 2 weeks time we will be very much green rather than red....

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