June 28, 2010

On the Home Front

I was sorta in the mood for a purge but at the same time I am not really sure what to write.
I looked up some courses to see what was available as an online thing and found nothing of interest, but it was a step worth taking, I looked up jobs but ultimately decided my breast fed 13 month old is not yet at an age to be left for extended periods of time without my breasts.
Got a fair bit of washing done over the weekend and now it is all getting rained on again and no where near dry. My kitchen is now clean (YAY).
I am yet to do the lounge room which is the next big task and is probably the one that needs doing the most.
We have 2 hens laying and have decided to leave the eggs for chickens, but then i am completely unsure about any of that at the moment so not sure if we will do that or not.
Tax time is nearly upon us and I am SOOOO looking forward to being in the green again.
I have just signed up to purchase heaps of fabric, which I possibly shouldn't do but heck why not?
Also buying some DVD's and a few bags as a fundraiser.

I have put up a lot on auction to raise funds for midwives legal fees in SA.

I am considering where to go in the way of change but as yet nothing major seems to be popping up, Although most would say my kitchen being clean is plenty of change for my slackness.

Leaky roof has been fixed although not tested yet, and hopefully will not be in the middle of the night as the leak is/was right above my head when sleeping!!

July is a busy month for birthdays with 6 in my family including mine and hubby's.

As such I do hope to be back to purge more random bull regularly.

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