November 18, 2009

House is on it's way

So there where more hiccups and more solutions and everything is done, short of signing the loan contracts. We will be moving house before christmas with any sort of luck, the kids will have a wonderful christmas at our new house. We will be thrilled and everything will fall into place.

Going to adelaide for the National Joyous Birth festival on the weekend. Staying for 10 days with my sister and taking the sproglets to the Monarto Zoo.

What a wonderful thing to do, sorta dreading the plane trips tho.

Heading To Adelaide

So as the title says we are heading to Adelaide for a 10 day holiday on Friday morning, We will be staying with my sister, meeting lots of new people and visiting the Monarto Zoo, that is all I have planned for now!
I am sure there will be loads more to do.

We will be moving house sometime between coming back from adelaide (on the 30th november) and christmas. Hopefully sooner rather than later!
I will see you all on the other side of our holiday.

November 6, 2009

Bout time

Well I guess I better up date here, and while JB is down what better time to do it?

We are in the process of doing 6 different things that are required for us to get a homeloan/investment loan approval by the bank so we can have our cake and eat it too... well until we figure out if it will just all work out or if it will all be too much for us LOL.

Unfortunately a requirment of the bank is that we have a signed tenancy agreement to get our loan, how do you let out a house that you are living in? and how do you make a date to let out the house if you don't know when you will be moving out of it, because that is based on when the settlement take splace and the settlement can't take place until the loan is approved and financed!

Then we need a completion certificate for the house we are in to complete the reno's which need more work done to them than we originally thought needed to be done so that is in the process of being done too!!

The house is on the market to sell but we can only get the loan based on rental income, so finding someone willing to rent a house that is on the market might be interesting.

Um that'll do for now provided everything goes to plan we will be in the new house before xmas and we will have a tennent here to help us out too :)

It is official

Well we are officially home schoolers... I got my letter the other day from the premier!

I have a card and all :)

So we are official and it has given me the kick in the butt that I needed to start documenting things better (I hope)
So shortly I will be doing a post on what we have been up to over the last little while. There is some Beltane celebration, some hockey, and just general bits and pieces that should be said with a few photo's thrown in for good measure.

Hopefully I will get more on track once our lives settle down after the massive xmas and new year break. Moving house and all that Jazz... if it all works out :)