September 23, 2010

And so it came to pass...

That all the children of the world held their breath and waited for everything to fall apart.

Right, so now that everything has fallen apart maybe I should elaborate somewhat.

We have now only got 1 chicken, the few days after the first died the other chick for the same egg batch died. Then a few days ago I found one of the bigger chicks drown in the big drum of water that I thought it could get too.
The drum is now gone, a simple solution which I should have done a while ago and didn't.

We are having work drama's with hubby's work and car dramas with hubby's car.
We have a tractor that the wheel fell off, literally broke off!!
We have enough wood to last me a day and a half in the stove, and nothing more.

So in the pipeworks:

We have friends coming on the weekend to help with wood cutting and gathering, and the possibility of fixing the tractor.
I have the car organised to be looked at on monday, and as the mechanic is moving to NSW next week... yes my mechanic is moving *cry*... He will only be having a look and advising me on what we should do with the car. So we will see what that leaves us with.
The work drama is nothing I can fix I just have to wait until they do what they are supposed to!

From the Homestead:

We have fixed the backyard (the smaller one) so that the dogs can not get in any more.
We are yet to fence the larger area to keep the dogs out of that but it will need to be done soon.
We have all the materials for the dog pen to be built but it seems to be getting no where in a hurry so that will hopefully be looked at on saturday morning and with any luck completed by saturday night.

The chooks keep getting out to find more food in the lush green grass outside their pen, which wouldn't bother me except that the dogs manage to find them and go into 'food' mode.
We need to change their litter on the floor of the shed and get them new stuff, we have nothing to replace the old litter with at this point!
They need lice dusting, worming and oil treatment for scaly mite.
Again we have nothing I need to do that with yet.

There needs to be a plan set in place for the location on the permanent chook house and runs.
along with so many other things.

I still haven't even done the 1 garden bed that I have available to me to do for various reasons and now that it is coming into summer Hubby thinks we will not have enough water to have even 1 garden bed kept well.

From the emotional front:
I feel like hell in all maners and am just over dealing with it.

September 10, 2010

Matters of the Heart

My Son Turned 3....

3 years ago yesterday I gave birth to my son at home, present at his were 2 midwives, my mother, My Husband and my (then) 5 year old Daughter.
It started something wonderful.
I brought him to the world in a matter of hours (3.5? total, need to look it up again) without drugs, interventions (aside from a doppler) or random heads popping into my loungeroom to check out what was going on.
I used my power to bring my son to me in the most blissful natural way you could imagine.

I followed that up a year and a half later, by bringing my second daughter earthside without any medical 'help' what so ever! I freebirthed in my home, with my husband and my mother the only other people present.

But, Back to the matter at hand, not the crazy homebirther who doesn't care about her children!

My son had his first birthday, as requested by him in all my prep work he was to have a dog cake. The day before his birthday he changed his mind, as 3 year olds do, and requested a Helicopter cake.

So a helicopter cake it is..... was

He had a wonderful day, with wonderful presents...
Poppy fixed the sand box and filled it with sand

Aunty A bought him a scooter and some clothes

Aunty E bought him a box of cars, for the sand pit, and some clothes

Nanny K bought clothes and a wiggles book

Nanny J bought a Tinyrannosaurus book and a PS2 Game with matching pairs and puzzles

Big Sister bought a Totem Tennis set, and Mum, Dad, and little sister got him an Art easel, with a Chalk board, Whiteboard, Felt board, Magnetic board and clip board, it also has a shelf with paint pots.

Aunty S was not able to make it as she is sick :(

We had a lovely day.

Now today is spent with no power as there are works going on 'somewhere' luckily I have a fully charged laptop battery to type this post out and put it on the blog when power is restored with the photo's.

We are all rather bored as the weather is not all that great either.

Now the Question is What to do next....

And a few days since typing this I am only just posting it now...
The kids did some painting outside under the verandah, and I didn't do a great deal!

Matters of the Hearth...


We got another chicken yesterday when my son turned 3 (more on that in the next post)
Then again this morning chicken number 4 had hatched, so we now have 2 hens with 2 babies each.

Hen A - was moved to a box outside, but still in the chicken coop, when she got broody

Seen here with her 2 babies (just hatched)

She was moved to ensure the comfort of the other Hens in laying so we could still collect some eggs.

Then came:
Hen B - Went boody in the same nesting spot we moved Hen A from about 2 weeks after we moved her.

She went broody sitting on 1 egg, the next day had 2, and eventually she ended up with 8, only 2 hatched.

Hen B with her 2 lovely chicks.

In the mean time all the other chooks where laying under Hen A, so when she had 13 eggs I finally got sick of all the eggs being laid there and I marked them all with a texta so I could collect eggs daily that where unmarked.
A week or so ago marked eggs started to go missing, we suspected Rats but have since learned that older eggs explode under the Hen and she will 'clean up' the mess.
We were starting to come to the conclusion that we would get no chickens from Hen A as she had been sitting 2 weeks longer than Hen B and Hen B's chicks are a week old, being hatched on the first day of spring.
Now, a week later, Hen A has her own 2 chickens, Hen B had abandoned her eggs a few days ago so I removed them, Hen A is still quite protective of her eggs so obviously she still wants to try and hatch some more.
They will stay with her until i am happy that she has abandoned them then they will be removed.
We have been collecting 3-4 eggs daily from the remaining 8 Hens that are not mothers.

The Hens and our Rooster (we call him Rooter, original huh! lol), having a feed of vegie scraps, missing are mum and bubs A...(pictured above)

and Blue hen here, sitting to lay...

A few days since I wrote this also, the afternoon of the day this was written we lost the little yellow chick from Hen A.
So only 3 chicks now.

September 6, 2010

The little man's Journey to 3

So the little man turns 3 years old tomorrow, this post is about him and the journey he is taking.

At the moment he is still struggling to find his place in the family dynamic, he seems to find it hard to find a balance, but i guess going from one side to the other is the juggling act he needs to follow to find that balance.

He has spent a bit of this morning playing outside, and now he is crying for a playstation game which I am not giving him and then he wants all the things that I can not possibly give to him today. Such as going for a drive in the car... which we do not have!

I can only assume that there is something underlying going on but I can not figure out what it is.

He has wanted his birthday to happen for a few months because the last 3 months are the families busiest months of the year regarding birthdays.

He has requested a chocolate dog cake with 1 candle and lollies.
He will have that request.

He is such a stunning little man to be the mother of and much more of a learning curve for me than his sister was, he is more affectionate, trying, and boisterous than she ever was.

I love you little man happy birthday for tomorrow.

September 2, 2010

Blessing The Way

Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining with 3 other lovely women to bless the way for our gorgeous friend to bring her new Babe into the world.
It was the perfect day for it, the first day of spring. There was already a wonderful energy around.
The gifts we bestowed on our friend offering her love and protection.


The cards read like this:

Release your Fears

Let the Birth of the coming child be easy.
Keep all fear and negativity far from me.

Whenever you feel fear or dread of the coming birth,
Open the bag and breathe your fears gently into it.
The crystals will absorb your fears and negative thoughts
Offering you Strength, Protection and Love in it's place.

After the birth, cleanse crystals under a full moon.
It is beneficial to gift the crystals out
or return them to Nature.


Maternal Nature

To assist throughout pregnancy and birth,
keep this pouch near you to gain the benefits of the crystals within.

There are 5 crystals in this bag and a definition of what each mean in the card also.

The Quilt, Hand Crafted by me, both drawn and sewn.
Incorporates the spell work I did for her to give her the strength of conviction I know is inside her to hold her own, surrender to her power and bring her babe to earth in the most blissful, radiant and natural way.

The reading I wrote to go with the Quilt to remind her of where she stands and that we will stand with her.

We honour the Mother Goddess in you.
You are part of the never ending cycle of life, death and rebirth.
You are another link in the chain between those who have been and those yet to come.
You are Strength, power, love and compassion.
You will birth with all the energy that has been before you
and offer your energy to the flood for all that follow.
We will hold you up, supporting your needs, offering guidance and encouragement.
We stand with you, ever in your presence.

Blessed Be.




Flags came from near and far to empower her journey.

and the last of the flags
close up flags
more flags

Henna as a combined effort, a design my friend created for her belly, started on by another friend while I tried to sort out my flag, (the last one, with the blue flower) and then finished with a few small improvisations by me.

henna belly again

The beautiful Goddess in Question donning her Henna and the
necklace with beads from far and wide...

in all her glory

Close up of the necklace.


The Binding of wrists, to show that we are all connected to her journey, we will all cut bands when we hear of her labour or birth, to signify the end of one journey and the beginning of another.

wrist binding

To finish the day I arrived to collect my children to be told that a goat had given birth to twin girls an hour or 2 before hand. I got home to find 2 freshie chickens had hatched, and this gorgeous Sunset...

sunset from my house 1/9/2010