September 10, 2010

Matters of the Heart

My Son Turned 3....

3 years ago yesterday I gave birth to my son at home, present at his were 2 midwives, my mother, My Husband and my (then) 5 year old Daughter.
It started something wonderful.
I brought him to the world in a matter of hours (3.5? total, need to look it up again) without drugs, interventions (aside from a doppler) or random heads popping into my loungeroom to check out what was going on.
I used my power to bring my son to me in the most blissful natural way you could imagine.

I followed that up a year and a half later, by bringing my second daughter earthside without any medical 'help' what so ever! I freebirthed in my home, with my husband and my mother the only other people present.

But, Back to the matter at hand, not the crazy homebirther who doesn't care about her children!

My son had his first birthday, as requested by him in all my prep work he was to have a dog cake. The day before his birthday he changed his mind, as 3 year olds do, and requested a Helicopter cake.

So a helicopter cake it is..... was

He had a wonderful day, with wonderful presents...
Poppy fixed the sand box and filled it with sand

Aunty A bought him a scooter and some clothes

Aunty E bought him a box of cars, for the sand pit, and some clothes

Nanny K bought clothes and a wiggles book

Nanny J bought a Tinyrannosaurus book and a PS2 Game with matching pairs and puzzles

Big Sister bought a Totem Tennis set, and Mum, Dad, and little sister got him an Art easel, with a Chalk board, Whiteboard, Felt board, Magnetic board and clip board, it also has a shelf with paint pots.

Aunty S was not able to make it as she is sick :(

We had a lovely day.

Now today is spent with no power as there are works going on 'somewhere' luckily I have a fully charged laptop battery to type this post out and put it on the blog when power is restored with the photo's.

We are all rather bored as the weather is not all that great either.

Now the Question is What to do next....

And a few days since typing this I am only just posting it now...
The kids did some painting outside under the verandah, and I didn't do a great deal!

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