September 2, 2010

Blessing The Way

Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining with 3 other lovely women to bless the way for our gorgeous friend to bring her new Babe into the world.
It was the perfect day for it, the first day of spring. There was already a wonderful energy around.
The gifts we bestowed on our friend offering her love and protection.


The cards read like this:

Release your Fears

Let the Birth of the coming child be easy.
Keep all fear and negativity far from me.

Whenever you feel fear or dread of the coming birth,
Open the bag and breathe your fears gently into it.
The crystals will absorb your fears and negative thoughts
Offering you Strength, Protection and Love in it's place.

After the birth, cleanse crystals under a full moon.
It is beneficial to gift the crystals out
or return them to Nature.


Maternal Nature

To assist throughout pregnancy and birth,
keep this pouch near you to gain the benefits of the crystals within.

There are 5 crystals in this bag and a definition of what each mean in the card also.

The Quilt, Hand Crafted by me, both drawn and sewn.
Incorporates the spell work I did for her to give her the strength of conviction I know is inside her to hold her own, surrender to her power and bring her babe to earth in the most blissful, radiant and natural way.

The reading I wrote to go with the Quilt to remind her of where she stands and that we will stand with her.

We honour the Mother Goddess in you.
You are part of the never ending cycle of life, death and rebirth.
You are another link in the chain between those who have been and those yet to come.
You are Strength, power, love and compassion.
You will birth with all the energy that has been before you
and offer your energy to the flood for all that follow.
We will hold you up, supporting your needs, offering guidance and encouragement.
We stand with you, ever in your presence.

Blessed Be.




Flags came from near and far to empower her journey.

and the last of the flags
close up flags
more flags

Henna as a combined effort, a design my friend created for her belly, started on by another friend while I tried to sort out my flag, (the last one, with the blue flower) and then finished with a few small improvisations by me.

henna belly again

The beautiful Goddess in Question donning her Henna and the
necklace with beads from far and wide...

in all her glory

Close up of the necklace.


The Binding of wrists, to show that we are all connected to her journey, we will all cut bands when we hear of her labour or birth, to signify the end of one journey and the beginning of another.

wrist binding

To finish the day I arrived to collect my children to be told that a goat had given birth to twin girls an hour or 2 before hand. I got home to find 2 freshie chickens had hatched, and this gorgeous Sunset...

sunset from my house 1/9/2010

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