September 6, 2010

The little man's Journey to 3

So the little man turns 3 years old tomorrow, this post is about him and the journey he is taking.

At the moment he is still struggling to find his place in the family dynamic, he seems to find it hard to find a balance, but i guess going from one side to the other is the juggling act he needs to follow to find that balance.

He has spent a bit of this morning playing outside, and now he is crying for a playstation game which I am not giving him and then he wants all the things that I can not possibly give to him today. Such as going for a drive in the car... which we do not have!

I can only assume that there is something underlying going on but I can not figure out what it is.

He has wanted his birthday to happen for a few months because the last 3 months are the families busiest months of the year regarding birthdays.

He has requested a chocolate dog cake with 1 candle and lollies.
He will have that request.

He is such a stunning little man to be the mother of and much more of a learning curve for me than his sister was, he is more affectionate, trying, and boisterous than she ever was.

I love you little man happy birthday for tomorrow.

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