September 23, 2010

And so it came to pass...

That all the children of the world held their breath and waited for everything to fall apart.

Right, so now that everything has fallen apart maybe I should elaborate somewhat.

We have now only got 1 chicken, the few days after the first died the other chick for the same egg batch died. Then a few days ago I found one of the bigger chicks drown in the big drum of water that I thought it could get too.
The drum is now gone, a simple solution which I should have done a while ago and didn't.

We are having work drama's with hubby's work and car dramas with hubby's car.
We have a tractor that the wheel fell off, literally broke off!!
We have enough wood to last me a day and a half in the stove, and nothing more.

So in the pipeworks:

We have friends coming on the weekend to help with wood cutting and gathering, and the possibility of fixing the tractor.
I have the car organised to be looked at on monday, and as the mechanic is moving to NSW next week... yes my mechanic is moving *cry*... He will only be having a look and advising me on what we should do with the car. So we will see what that leaves us with.
The work drama is nothing I can fix I just have to wait until they do what they are supposed to!

From the Homestead:

We have fixed the backyard (the smaller one) so that the dogs can not get in any more.
We are yet to fence the larger area to keep the dogs out of that but it will need to be done soon.
We have all the materials for the dog pen to be built but it seems to be getting no where in a hurry so that will hopefully be looked at on saturday morning and with any luck completed by saturday night.

The chooks keep getting out to find more food in the lush green grass outside their pen, which wouldn't bother me except that the dogs manage to find them and go into 'food' mode.
We need to change their litter on the floor of the shed and get them new stuff, we have nothing to replace the old litter with at this point!
They need lice dusting, worming and oil treatment for scaly mite.
Again we have nothing I need to do that with yet.

There needs to be a plan set in place for the location on the permanent chook house and runs.
along with so many other things.

I still haven't even done the 1 garden bed that I have available to me to do for various reasons and now that it is coming into summer Hubby thinks we will not have enough water to have even 1 garden bed kept well.

From the emotional front:
I feel like hell in all maners and am just over dealing with it.

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  1. good grief - your day has sounded like mine - i am not alone !

    great to have you visit, and wonderful to see the insanity is visiting your place too :)

    lovely to meet you, your insight into kids and animal husbandry sensitivity is so true.