October 4, 2010


I have come to realise that the title of this blog is a bit out of place.
Everything we do in life is a journey to learning about something.
So ultimately this blog could be titled "A Journey through Life" and still have the same basic fundamentals.

So here I am taking a journey, everyday spent with (or without) my children allows me to learn more about them, myself, my husband and our family dynamic.

I am not taking anywhere near the amount of photographs I want, I have a whole stage of my life that I am missing photo's from, I have photo's of our land, not all of it mind you! I have photo's of my children, I have photo's of pets. I am missing photo's of the other aspect of our lives, the social aspect, I am missing photo's of friends, of my children playing with their friends, or me and my husband talking/working/playing with our friends...

That is a BIG thing to be missing, so I am going to work at taking the small camera with me EVERYWHERE I go so that I can work on remedying this situation.


Little J, has recently cut her first 4 molars, she seems to have a bit more trouble with these teeth, we had a day or cuddly time with a slight fever on and off.

K, enjoyed a play date yesterday with some friends.

I, seems to have the most news, in the school holidays we had her eyes tested after she complained of "fuzzy eyes" at school. It appears that she is long sighted, and she now has reading/writing/watching glasses, which she adores!!
We got a purple pair for home and a yellow/green pair for school.


Both hubby and I had a great time yesterday, me chatting randomly with a friend, while hubby tried valiantly to be useful, working on the wood with another friend. He was stung by a bee on Saturday and while only having a mild reaction, his hand swelled enough to make it difficult to do much of anything. When you can not clasp your hand tightly it is hard to use a chainsaw/axe. Not to mention the heat and pain that is caused when you get swelling like that!

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