October 27, 2010

Wondering Wednesday

I thought I would take a look about and see what I could come up with for ideas to get me blogging more often, the inspiration is there, I just never find the time, or I am all set to go and nothing comes to mind for me to type out.

So seeing alot of things around such as "wordless wednesday" "unschool monday" and the like on alot of blogs about the place I thought I would start my own type of "day".

As it happens I did this on a wednesday and as such because I was wondering what I could do for inspiration I came up with Wondering Wednesday.... so maybe by next wednesday I will have more 'wonderings' to share!!!

I do have a really lovely blog post to do about the visitors our property has had since we moved in, and another about the bounty that Nature has provided us with while being here, but the photo's are still not on the computer and I just haven't found the inspiration to get all the cables connected and do it!!

I have been wondering alot lately about how I can go about making a little supplementary income for us here, get some debts sorted out and save, save, save for some fencing and livestock to get ourselves set up just a little bit!!

Not being the type of person to rush at things, I am trying to sort out some sort of business name first and the ideas just are not flowing where I want them too. I have a plan of action, products, services etc... but just not a name! I want a name that will suit if my business develops into something that I have not yet thought of.
Just so lost in my own head space that nothing is making sense and I can't find what I need in the chaos of my head!!

Homestead news - Broody hen 1 who had chickens late and lost them both within days, is now in a neat, tidy and secure broody box, with 12 fertile (hopefully) eggs. is about 2.5 weeks we hope to have about 8 chickens under her... I would much prefer 12 but don't want to be too optimistic.
Dog Pen is almost there, 1 more post hole to dig and post to put in then a half dozen star pickets? and the fencing can go up! Should get done this long weekend if I am lucky.
What to go to the local market on the weekend too but finances are tight and I am not sure I will make it.

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