October 21, 2010


The journey to learning around religion is a hard one to make. I myself am pagan, more specifically Eclectic Wiccan, and while I would LOVE for my children to follow my path on that journey, I am determined to let them make their own religious decisions... But does that mean I can put up with the possible 'brainwashing cult' down the road, taking over their lives? Or is it my responsibility to stop them from falling into that trap?
Christianity in all it's forms is much the same as that brainwashing cult to me... does this come under falling into a trap too?
Do I tell them the pure raw basic facts about a list of religions and then just hope they take those facts on board?
Do I just teach them the basics to life and to respect the lives and beliefs of others around them and hope that will be enough for them to find their own way?

My dilema in all this, is that I want my family to celebrate with me when it comes to pagan festivals. Halloween, or All Hallow's Eve (Samhain), is something that I would celebrate at the start of May! The beginning of the dark time of the year...
Right now we are coming to the celebration of Beltane on the pagan/wiccan calendar.
I want to celebrate with them, but should I go all out or should I just let it lie?

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