October 13, 2010

Creativity - A Blessingway Flag/Quilt Square...

How do I start? It all started with a gorgeous pregnant woman, Lauren, put it out there that she would like contribution for her blessingway, to give her courage and support through the final stage of her pregnancy and birth. As creativity strikes her alot it was requested that we use a red theme so that it can be made up into a beautiful quilt for her and her family to treasure in the years to come.

Of course I jumped at the opportunity to support another mother through her journey and as such the research began, I decided on a goddess being 'born' from a lotus flower.
Lotus flowers are a symbolism for opening your mind, heart, and body to receive the new life that is coming forth. The opening of the cervix and vagina, as you give birth.
The goddess to provide strength and support throughout the process.

I hit google images with those thoughts in mind and found these images.

The images and the fabric square Lauren posted to me to use.

Next I did a search through my fabric stash (a rather small one I might add) to find the fabrics I could use.
The design I ended up with in the beginning stages of being sewn
The finished product, I am very happy with the result, I hope Lauren is too :)
Close up of it to see a bit more detail :)

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