October 4, 2010

Putting the pieces back together

So after the last post things are looking nicer around here.

We have the beginnings of car situation sorted, Hubby is looking at a car sometime this week, just a cheap daily for him to go to work in until we can save up and get a new car.

The tractor is on it's way to being repaired, thanks alot to a friend who helped to (or rather did) jack it up, pull it to pieces find the problem and compiled a solution...

Hubby helped a friend of his out with Bee's on Saturday and was stung on the hand, and after a mild reaction found himself rather useless in the tractor and wood cutting stakes when our friends came out to help yesterday! But we have enough wood for a week or so in the stove and as the weather warms that is all that is needed :)

The work drama's are averted (for now).

And we are on a mission to restore our finances so that we are not set back too far in our plans.


Well lets just say... refer to previous post!!!

Emotional Front:

I am feeling much more positive and ready to face the world... or rather the household, because as yet my world can not extend past the boundaries of where I can walk with 2 small children in tow :)

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