August 30, 2010

Spring in all it's glory

It is so peaceful here, it would help if cars and trucks didn't frequent past, the changes that come at the beginning of spring are amazing, there are red breasted robins in abundance and blue wrens are fairly frequent visitors, the wattles are turning from green to a gorgeous blossoming yellow. The daffodils have bloomed in abundance, there are a few other flowers here and there. There are 2 broody hens still sitting on nests, there should be some sort of movement from them soon, if there will be any.
Wednesday I am heading out to celebrate the journey to motherhood of a dear friend for the second time, to bless her in her labour of love, to provide her with strength and the support she needs to bring her to the end of her pregnancy and the birth of her newest child.
To give her these blessing is an honour and I wish with all my heart for her journey to be the one she longs for, and offer her my, somewhat small amount of, experience and guidance on any matter I can! Support when she needs it and love sent from afar in times of trial. There are bound to be times of trial where children are concerned :)

Vegie box again today and to make use of left over stock from last week and some fresher stuff today, I will be stewing some apple and rhubarb to make crumble and/or pies.
I still have 3/4 of a Huge pumpkin in my fridge that I will look at roasting and freezing for later use, or um... something... hahaha
I am very much looking forward to the spring and summer months as vegetables become more abundant and fruits start to grow and ripen.
We have 3 fruit trees in and more planned but for the moment 3 is it, these will be added to in the years to come, maybe 3 per year? Harvesting will be 3 years off planting date.
I need to learn more about the upkeep of the trees we have.

The garden bed is in place and has some luscious compost/manure in the bottom of it, it was supposed to be finished on saturday but that didn't occur! So maybe next weekend it will find itself full of soil and freshly planted.. carrots?

A Babies Journey

The weather has been great for the last 2 days but it appears that today will see it turning again.
As life outside the house grows with spring my 15 month old's language skills seem to be developing just as fast.
She randomly comes out with sentences, yesterday for example, she said "I don't want to" when asked if she would like to come inside.
This is the time I enjoy most with my children, watching them learn and discover new things, listening to their language skills developing so fast it is rather uncanny.
They gain independence so quickly, yet they are still so vulnerable and delicate that you need to watch from a distance to ensure their protection from various things.

August 25, 2010

Spells, Crystals and the Full Moon

I was Blessed last night to have the time to Cast a wonderful spell for a friend on the night of the full moon, To give her a precious gift that will be forever treasured.

It felt wonderful, intense and energy draining all at the same time.

There were crystals left out to purify under the radiance of the full moon, who at the time could be seen glowing through cloud cover and later that night about 1 hour after she reached her fullest, in full glory through my bedroom window, not a cloud in site.

Everything will be revealed at some point next week when I have the time.

Quilts and Craftiness...

Is that even a word?

As time permits, I am Blogging my recent delve into Quilting.
I have made and posted 2 Quilts, for a gorgeous mumma in Queensland who gave birth (yes she birthed, her babies were not cut out) to 2 gorgeous boys at 27 weeks gestation, they are doing quite well and although the quilts were a long time in the making they are now on the way to the boys and I am prepared to share the work involved with you all.

The middle of the Quilt and the writing were drawn onto the material by me in permanent Fabric Marker.
This is the centre of the Quilt the symbol representing 'Om"

Quilt 2 pinned and ready for sewing.

The finished products

And the back of Quilts are the same design.

I had a few hiccups along the way, but I am pleased with the end result.
Love to you and your boys beautiful Mama, your boys certainly picked a blessed family *hugs*

August 16, 2010

Bits and Bobs

Just thought it was time to update, it has been a while.
I have finished 1 quilt of 2 for the twins... and am pleased with the result although there are parts that I would prefer to have been done more professionally all this comes with practice and that is something I haven't done a great deal of!!

Pics will come later as I don't have alot of time to do those at the moment, what with another quilt to make and more to do after that!

I got a new phone, it is an HTC Desire and I quite like it. We have canceled the home phone as of the 10th of next month and have only the mobiles, as it seems more appropriate for us at the moment.

I had a tupperware party and did quite well out of it, $240 worth of tupperware for free, and spent the same amount on tupperware too *blush*
Love my tupperware!!

The baby fell over twice last week and took the skin off her nose both times poor tyke, it is healing really well tho and most of the scab came away yesterday to reveal nice pink healthy skin underneath.

I best go I think my young man is helping himself to some food :)

August 3, 2010

All things ME

well really just anything I can get out of my head and onto the computer before the baby wakes or the toddler needs me!
I have spent almost an hour on the phone to our telephone and ISP, to be told all this will work marvelously well for you, only we don't have those phones in at this time! So we will be waiting anywhere up to a month for the phones to arrive, but they could be there tomorrow and sent out to us just as likely.
So in about a month we will have 2 new mobile phones with new numbers and no home phone, but also the old mobile until the end of the contract in march 2011!!

I have the remainder of the fabric I need to do the quilts for the twins and am hoping for an opportunity to get those very close to finished before the end of the week!
Tupperware party Sunday, very nervous... nervous about a tupperware party it feels like a ridiculous thing to be! But nervous I am as I will be meeting new people aswell :)

So both excited and nervous I guess.

Might need to clean off my desk and put the laptop away to do some quilt sewing in here away from the dining table that I think Kurt would rather not be full of my sewing things, hell i would rather it not be covered in my sewing things!
but it is bigger than the desk and I need the width and length to mark and pin, maybe I should do that out there and then come in here to sew? Novel idea that *grin*

I still haven't done the pruning that needs doing around the place, the spring bulbs are starting to flower and the dead heads need to be cut off one bush we have so that it can flower full and luscious again, the fruit trees need to be pruned back and also have broken branches trimmed to a bud.
I really want my garden bed put in place, so I can start to fill it and then start planting.

Such a busy time of year, I have conquered the washing pile, until what is lying around the house gets relocated to the laundry! I have yet to conquer the folding of said washing, but the sun is quite happily dealing with the drying of it.
I would love to get a nice spring clean done on saturday and sort out some more of this room that is in chaos.
Although that will be difficult with the children being with me alone as we rather desperately need some dry wood to burn in the stove!

Ok enough procrastinating about what I should and need to do. I will go and start on something :)