January 27, 2011

Same stuff, new day.... or year even...

Well, it has again been a while, I am currently listening to my youngest 2 children fighting in their sister's bedroom, somewhere they are not supposed to be! While she herself sits on the couch intently watching the television. It is common place in this house that she is sat in front of one Screen or another, she will no doubt yell at me at a later date because her brother and sister made the constant mess in her room, and as such she will not be the one cleaning it. No matter how much goes on it only takes 1 minute of someone other than her being in that room for her to claim it was all them and she WILL NOT fix it. There will be a BIG purge very soon of all things clothing and toys alike from her space because I CAN NOT keep looking at it, and she needs to learn to shoulder some responsibility for her actions. She doesn't look after anything even those things she absolutely LOVES, she has no concept of expense or gratitude at being able to have those things.

I have no idea how to parent her and I am losing touch with parenting all of my kids at the moment.

I am sick to fucking death of breast feeding the youngest to sleep EVERY FUCKING NIGHT... and even worse is that she just doesn't know how to fall asleep without the breast, she has started feeding when she gets tired and not falling asleep, which makes for a very LONG chewing session and an intensely painful breast and pissed off mumma.

The boy is becoming a struggle to keep entertained, and out of the 'not for you' zone.

Maybe playgroup once a week will help with that this year?

I have been creating a little today, it has been nice to find the time and mind space for it. It makes more room for new ideas to flood into my head and I am thrilled at the prospect of being able to implement some of them, although that may be a while off yet.

January 18, 2011

Thought processes

I am in the middle of trying to process so many things, not the least of which are business ideas... as such here I am piling everything out into a blog post..

Things I can make:

Wrap tops
Applique Quilts

Ideas to work on and learn to make:

Different style tops
hair bands
Wall hangings

Argh so many projects, I still haven't done the ones I need to do around the house...

Repair clothing
Repair PJ's

School Holidays

As the stupid season finally wears off and the holidays are about half way gone, it is time to contemplate school... sigh...

The Big kidlet is very excited to be heading into grade 3, and no less so because her dad is going to be working at her school at least 2 days a week this year...

Middle Kidlet is turning 4 this year which means school (2 days a week) next year *shock*, this means I need to think about his readiness for school, what follows is the fact that my 3yo boy is showing signs of knowing when he needs to toilet but NO sign of wanting to toilet.... argh! So the slow and gentle procedure begins to encourage toilet use. It is working better on the 19mo than the 3yo at this point!! We will be introducing him to the school environment, by way of joining the playgroup sessions on a weekly basis and then closer to the end of the year it will be time for him to join the pre-kinder sessions where of course he stays without me for about 2 hours!

Baby Kidlet is showing an interest in using the toilet but other than saying wee's and poo's she hasn't really got the understanding yet.

I love my kids :)

January 13, 2011

And the world falls down..

Well not literally the world, but small parts of it and my entire world seem to be falling down at an astronomical rate... Much like the flood victims (and all my love, thoughts and tears go out to them), I am going to be rebuilding my own little piece of the world. The struggle I have is one much like the struggle they will face, where do you start?

How do you start?
Where do you start?
How do you do things differently so it doesn't fall down again?
How do you get over the intense sadness and loss, to rebuild again?

Unlike the flood victims, most people around me would not see the sadness and loss or infact the need to rebuild. How do I work things out for myself when others can't even see that it needs doing?

I will get back to business when I can, but with nothing selling and the complete sense of loss I just can't contemplate starting the rebuild here at this point.

January 10, 2011

Well it seems I found the time by NOT Blogging!!!

So it is the 10th day of 2011 and I have not blogged for a long while, all hell broke loose and isn't really fixing itself in any sort of hurry... but that story is not for blog land.

The kids (well the older 2) are going to stay with their grandmother today until possibly Thursday.
I am really looking forward to the break.
I have really lost my own way in the last month or more and I am struggling to find it again.

We will see what life brings I guess *shrug*