January 18, 2011

School Holidays

As the stupid season finally wears off and the holidays are about half way gone, it is time to contemplate school... sigh...

The Big kidlet is very excited to be heading into grade 3, and no less so because her dad is going to be working at her school at least 2 days a week this year...

Middle Kidlet is turning 4 this year which means school (2 days a week) next year *shock*, this means I need to think about his readiness for school, what follows is the fact that my 3yo boy is showing signs of knowing when he needs to toilet but NO sign of wanting to toilet.... argh! So the slow and gentle procedure begins to encourage toilet use. It is working better on the 19mo than the 3yo at this point!! We will be introducing him to the school environment, by way of joining the playgroup sessions on a weekly basis and then closer to the end of the year it will be time for him to join the pre-kinder sessions where of course he stays without me for about 2 hours!

Baby Kidlet is showing an interest in using the toilet but other than saying wee's and poo's she hasn't really got the understanding yet.

I love my kids :)

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