February 28, 2011

about the house

Not much going on round here... The zucchini has been all but demolished, made into savoury slice for lunch on saturday, then a nice sweet bread/cake thing, and finished off with another lot of fritters that we had for dinner.

Today I have done a little washing, when I should have done alot!

Thrown out 3 garbage bags of rubbish from big kidlets room, I honestly have no idea where she gets it all from... I just need to vacuum and get the other stuff sorted out and maybe it will last a few weeks?

I am yet to tackle the middle kidlets room, I can't fathom it when there is no where to really store anything!

Then I have my room to tackle... really needing to sort out my corner of mess in this room!

Back to it I guess...

February 24, 2011

Finding some Balance

With the addition of another Car to our yard... yes another fecking car... the count as it stands...

1 - Lancer (my car) needs a few minor repairs that can wait!
2 - Pulsar (DH's car) needs a few minor repairs, needs a new muffler, needs *something* else
3 - Mazda - totally screwed engine...
4 - Land Rover - unreg farm vehicle - needs new/fixed. radiator *sigh*
5 - If you can count it Tractor... all seems good in that regard finally :)
6 - The new one, Hyundai.... is a loaner/gift from the FIL as he just got a new car, until we sort out one of the other cars for DH to use...

Hows that? OMG I never wanted to be in that place!

However, the addition means I have use of my car again YAY!! Except I have done nothing with it yet and we don't really have alot of money to put petrol in it either... one thing after another...

So Balance, finding the balance point..

I had a Child free day yesterday! A chance to catch up a little on all things houseworkish, and 4 loads of washing later, I am only half way through that, but the kitchen is in somewhat better shape, and hopefully tomorrow will be clear of all things dirty, at least for an hour or so!
If this weekend brings with it nice weather then the washing should at least be all in a clean pile rather than in several clean and dirty ones located around the house.

I have not had a chance to get into anything crafty despite my desire to do so the motivation is not hitting me in the right place... I think I need to re-organise a few things to make it easier to craft... maybe?

I did a small 'cleanse' of the house in my childfree time, opened all the windows, not the doors as the chickens come in, and let the fresh summer air (we haven't had much of that) run free through the house, trying to clear out the negative space, and germies that have recently congregated here.

Today has been better, the stove burning all day, I got a huge zucchini grated up and made some Zucchini Fritters which were a hit with the children cut into fingers and dipped into the homemade tomato sauce :)
Tomorrow the zucchini cooking ramps up again with a savoury slice and a sweet bread on the cards... and maybe some more fritters to freeze and some muffins too.

Need to find my mojo and make some more muesli bars for the kids (and adults) to have, and some biscuits for big kidlet to take to school in her lunch!!

So much to do and a balance to find that is seemingly lost forever... I WILL find it, but it may take time!

February 18, 2011

Just life

So it seems with the start of school rush, somewhere my little boy picked up a lovely bug from somewhere and has spent a nice couple of days barely able to move and not feeling so great on the couch, he is over it now but in the process of him getting better both his sisters have picked up the bug and while the baby is handling it well, thankyou breast feeding, the big girl is home from school on just her 3rd day :(.

We have something to do this weekend and it appears that we are just going to have to let that slide.

I am feeling totally overwhelmed by all the sickness and being stuck here in this place unable to go anywhere, because well DH still hasn't done any more about his car :( So is still using mine!

The boy is going a little stir crazy too because he is now better he likes to find things that I am not happy for him to do and do them continuously.

This is not a 'happy mummy' house at the moment...

February 9, 2011

it is all happening

So I picked up the books today and in a week the oldest kidlet returns to school...
She has already said she is excited about her next lot of holidays!!!

The boy kidlet, has his first real birthday party to go to this weekend.

The baby kidlet, is talking nonstop about anything and everything.

Mind Dribble

I have that ultimate need to get stuff out of my head but the flow isn't hitting me in the right spot...

Car serviced and 'fixed' although there is no apparent problem to fix and yet the car is still leaking oil!! So back to the mechanic at some point... Also it needs a new exhaust... Not my car mind, it has it's own issues but they are not of any urgent matter, one of the tyres has a slow leak and needs repair, but it lasts a week easily before it needs to be pumped up!!

Feeling the pinch of money issues after a $600 vet bill and the car and the school fees etc etc, but had a saving grace in that our isp upgraded their plans and reduced the costs... I had to ring to get ours onto the new plan, so check your isp's plans and see what they have every few months it might save you as much as $40 a month (our saving)

Nothing I seem to write here makes space in my head for new things! It is just the same old stuff going around and around... a continuous loop.

Another of my festivals has passed without me even acknowledging it!

My older 2 children are away for the day and possibly a second night tonight and all I have done is collect the 8yo's school books the animal's food and shoved the baby (albeit willingly) in front of the TV, and sat my self here... through sheer lack of motivation I have done nothing all day... I put a load of washing on through necessity as I needed to access the freezer which is stacked up with dirty clothes! The laundry hamper is also over flowing, the washing machine, now full, the clothes line full... of most probably dry washing... then there is more dirty clothes on the 8yos floor because she doesn't pick ANYTHING up...

Dishes are piled high on the sink and the bench, I almost had the kitchen finished but something went wrong with that...

February 3, 2011

School time!!

I am not ready for this AT ALL, I am so crap at this parenting thing, I can't locate ANY of kidlet 1's school info, I know when she starts, but I can't find her booklist info or any of the levies paperwork.

I have a week to work it all out because I am pretty sure that is when the book sales happen.
The less than a week after that She is back at school! It is going to be hard on the 2 younger kidlets.

I really need to get myself into a routine of sorts so that the kidlet routine flows into mine easily.

Not sure where to go from here....