February 28, 2011

about the house

Not much going on round here... The zucchini has been all but demolished, made into savoury slice for lunch on saturday, then a nice sweet bread/cake thing, and finished off with another lot of fritters that we had for dinner.

Today I have done a little washing, when I should have done alot!

Thrown out 3 garbage bags of rubbish from big kidlets room, I honestly have no idea where she gets it all from... I just need to vacuum and get the other stuff sorted out and maybe it will last a few weeks?

I am yet to tackle the middle kidlets room, I can't fathom it when there is no where to really store anything!

Then I have my room to tackle... really needing to sort out my corner of mess in this room!

Back to it I guess...

1 comment:

  1. ah the never ending laundrey basket - i hear ya on that one !

    I'm thinking if they only have three sets of clothes . . . .

    if its any help my 7yo has the same "accumulation problem" just found 16 books under her bed, four single socks, five shirts, two odd shoes, a box full of waste paper and a partridge in a pear tree.