February 24, 2011

Finding some Balance

With the addition of another Car to our yard... yes another fecking car... the count as it stands...

1 - Lancer (my car) needs a few minor repairs that can wait!
2 - Pulsar (DH's car) needs a few minor repairs, needs a new muffler, needs *something* else
3 - Mazda - totally screwed engine...
4 - Land Rover - unreg farm vehicle - needs new/fixed. radiator *sigh*
5 - If you can count it Tractor... all seems good in that regard finally :)
6 - The new one, Hyundai.... is a loaner/gift from the FIL as he just got a new car, until we sort out one of the other cars for DH to use...

Hows that? OMG I never wanted to be in that place!

However, the addition means I have use of my car again YAY!! Except I have done nothing with it yet and we don't really have alot of money to put petrol in it either... one thing after another...

So Balance, finding the balance point..

I had a Child free day yesterday! A chance to catch up a little on all things houseworkish, and 4 loads of washing later, I am only half way through that, but the kitchen is in somewhat better shape, and hopefully tomorrow will be clear of all things dirty, at least for an hour or so!
If this weekend brings with it nice weather then the washing should at least be all in a clean pile rather than in several clean and dirty ones located around the house.

I have not had a chance to get into anything crafty despite my desire to do so the motivation is not hitting me in the right place... I think I need to re-organise a few things to make it easier to craft... maybe?

I did a small 'cleanse' of the house in my childfree time, opened all the windows, not the doors as the chickens come in, and let the fresh summer air (we haven't had much of that) run free through the house, trying to clear out the negative space, and germies that have recently congregated here.

Today has been better, the stove burning all day, I got a huge zucchini grated up and made some Zucchini Fritters which were a hit with the children cut into fingers and dipped into the homemade tomato sauce :)
Tomorrow the zucchini cooking ramps up again with a savoury slice and a sweet bread on the cards... and maybe some more fritters to freeze and some muffins too.

Need to find my mojo and make some more muesli bars for the kids (and adults) to have, and some biscuits for big kidlet to take to school in her lunch!!

So much to do and a balance to find that is seemingly lost forever... I WILL find it, but it may take time!

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  1. hope the balance is starting to happen - a challenge with three young kids, farm, food, partner, cleaning - oh and trying to be you and not just "mum" !