February 9, 2011

Mind Dribble

I have that ultimate need to get stuff out of my head but the flow isn't hitting me in the right spot...

Car serviced and 'fixed' although there is no apparent problem to fix and yet the car is still leaking oil!! So back to the mechanic at some point... Also it needs a new exhaust... Not my car mind, it has it's own issues but they are not of any urgent matter, one of the tyres has a slow leak and needs repair, but it lasts a week easily before it needs to be pumped up!!

Feeling the pinch of money issues after a $600 vet bill and the car and the school fees etc etc, but had a saving grace in that our isp upgraded their plans and reduced the costs... I had to ring to get ours onto the new plan, so check your isp's plans and see what they have every few months it might save you as much as $40 a month (our saving)

Nothing I seem to write here makes space in my head for new things! It is just the same old stuff going around and around... a continuous loop.

Another of my festivals has passed without me even acknowledging it!

My older 2 children are away for the day and possibly a second night tonight and all I have done is collect the 8yo's school books the animal's food and shoved the baby (albeit willingly) in front of the TV, and sat my self here... through sheer lack of motivation I have done nothing all day... I put a load of washing on through necessity as I needed to access the freezer which is stacked up with dirty clothes! The laundry hamper is also over flowing, the washing machine, now full, the clothes line full... of most probably dry washing... then there is more dirty clothes on the 8yos floor because she doesn't pick ANYTHING up...

Dishes are piled high on the sink and the bench, I almost had the kitchen finished but something went wrong with that...

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