January 11, 2013

Check In - December is OVER!!

Yeah ok, so that December ending thing happened a while back didn't it?!

Being true to my blogging form I haven't posted in over a month!

So this is a catch up post and a bit of a commitment record for both January and 2013!

I can't say I had a great Christmas, nor can I say I had a bad one! For the most part Christmas isn't really my thing, but all the other family members seemed to enjoy it and that is enough for me!

I didn't get all the presents completed, but didn't really need to in the end either! I do have to finish one, but thankfully, my Sister in Law is forgiving!

On to New Year and we had a quiet family night watching some TV shows.  The youngest only made it to 11pm, but it is just a late night for her anyway as she doesn't get it yet!

Linking up with Fitness Friday over at Mountains and Musings

My yearly commitments come in here! I am participating in OperationMOVE over at Kate Says Stuff again this month after my complete failure in December!
My commitment is to reach 700 minutes for the month, with a secondary goal of losing 1kg per week, and a Primary goal for the year to try and reach 80kg before the end of it all!
This is a big Target for me, I started the year at 107.9kg, and am currently 107.3kg... so not really enough of a drop!  However to maintain it is what will be hard!
I have a condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which in my case means that I have higher levels of 'male' hormones than the average woman, it caused me some fertility problems about 7 years ago which were (luckily) easily reversed by losing some weight.  It means I will always struggle to lose weight and will put on weight easier than women without the condition.  But if I do lose the weight, the condition lessens in severity, so I have been told!

Anyway, excuses aside.  This month I have done 270 of my 700 minutes, and also spent a lot of time in the water swimming and mucking around while I was camping.
I am home now and in desperate need of new running/walking shoes, so I can get stuck in to the treadmill again.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!
I am not a fan of shoe shopping!