August 22, 2012

Book Week

It is book week at school this week!
As part of the celebration for book week the school have a 'dress up' day, and parade!

The boy kidlet, chose to dress as Winnie the Pooh, and after a range of drama's, he ended up going as 'Winnie the Pooh, wearing Jeans'

As for the Big kidlet, her day is tomorrow and I am really pushing the boundaries!
I went Thrifting to try and find ANYTHING in Dark Green to make a hooded cloak out of!
I was excited to find a large adult calf length coat, made of 100% WOOL! In the perfect colour for $15! I spent the night last night (and some of today) tearing it apart at the seams, so I can recreate it into the perfect cloak. (Here's hoping)

Small kidlet is wanting to start school already and has to wait another year yet!
She is working hard at making herself heard and known, mostly in ways a lot more violent than I would like. I am trying to go gently and explain why we don't bite, kick, punch, throw things at people!
Oh My is she testing boundaries!

August 6, 2012

Unschool Monday

Although the kidlets attend the local Public School, today we are joining in with Unschool Monday over at Owlet!

Upon waking this morning to find this...

Big Kidlet decided that School was not for her, she wanted to stay home and play in the snow!
Her wish promptly granted by Dad...

They had fun playing for about 10 minutes before it was declared 'Too Cold' and they headed back inside.

All that remained was the foot prints in the Snow.

5 minutes warming in front of the fire, a hot chocolate and warm breakfast of toast and weetbix, had the younger 2 busting to go back out and the Big Kidlet convincing them it was a bad idea to get frozen again!

Head over to Owlet on the link above and join in :)