April 4, 2013

Thankful Thursday - Time to Blog

Things have been a bit manic here these past couple of weeks.

First there was ensuring preparation for Easter, then there was preparing for a wedding, then there was sick children, GP visits and complete madness!

I had a great day with the Easter preparation, hubby and I went shopping with a good friend and got him all sorted for his first Easter with his daughter.  She is 7/8 and has been spending every other weekend with him since she was old enough to be away from her mum, but he had never had her over the entire Easter weekend before!  It was a great day shopping, laughing, enjoying company and spoiling a friend in need.

I am thankful for friends, for being in the position to help friends, and for being the type of person who will help friends when needed!

The WEDDING, oh, the wedding!

How wonderfully special are Weddings?  So much joy and love and emotion!

I had everything ready except my own clothes! So I had a brilliant Idea to make myself some new pants on the morning of the wedding!  It pushed the timing and the organising to the MAX but I pulled it off, without a hitch and all dressed in new pants, we are all in the car and on our way.  We stop to buy some tissues and lunch about 30 minutes from home, with 15 minutes still to reach the venue, when I suddenly had a sinking feeling that I hadn't put the children's clothes in car!  They are the flower girls and ring bearer... I had spent hours making some gorgeous dresses for the girls and a vest and bow-tie for the little man... and I had left them all at home! We had an hour before 'start time' and WAY more than an hours travel time to get the clothes and get to the venue...
WTF am I going to do? How did this happen? ARRRGGGGHHHH!

So we continued to the venue all the while making phone call after phone call that went straight to message bank! 
In the end I rang my grandmother, who drove to my house, broke in, got the clothes and then drove to meet my husband, who I had decided had to be the driver to collect the clothes because I was an absolute mess, and there was NO WAY, I could drive that distance safely and make good time!

I am thankful for,  understanding and helpful people:
My Nan - for almost killing herself to break into my house and deliver the clothes to my husband
My Hubby - for driving the most awesome time, safely, to fix my fuck up and safe his sister's wedding, from ME!
The Photographer - for keeping the Bride constantly in the loop and holding her departure off until my hubby got back with the clothes!
The Bride - for being understanding and absolutely amazing.
The Groom - for the same reasons... shit could have gone so wrong!

The Guests - who seemed to be very accepting of the delay.

The weather that started raining on us all at the time the ceremony *should* have happened, but broke shortly before the clothes arrived for my children.

My Children for being absolutely gorgeous and so very well behaved, especially given the sicknesses they had just recovered from!

Is that enough Thanks?

I am also thankful to have a new brother in law (although really he has been for a while in my eyes)
I am thankful I have the knowledge and skills to create clothes for my children.
I am thankful that people had faith that I could do it, and that my mistakes are seen as just part of the drama that goes with a wedding!

I am thankful for not completely losing my shit until we arrived home late that night.

and Because it is Thankful Thursday I am Thankful for Leigh at Six by the Bay for allowing the link up!