November 30, 2010

It seems that moment is here..

Or rather, I am so out of it that I need to do something to bring myself back into some semblance of 'calm and collected mother'!

The house isn't entirely clean but I got through the mammoth pile of washing to fold... vacuumed half of the house, cleaned half of the kitchen and well most of it has become mess again but not as bad as it was!

The advent calendar has another 18.7 pockets to sew on then 24 papers to write in and fold to add the number count down and the activities.

So much to do so little time and between that and my dearly loving son not allowing his sister to sleep I am losing the plot and fast becoming 'scary screaming mother'.

Sometimes I think it would be easier if I didn't care how I treated my children!!

anyway, off to sit in the corner and cry, then sew more, then hopefully photograph and blog with a new inspiration and joy about things to come.....

November 29, 2010

Monday strikes again!

and in 3 weeks from this very moment my hubby will be on holidays!!! for only 3 weeks but still! There is alot to do in that time and with any sort of luck what so ever we might actually get through some of it!

We really need to get some wood stacked up for the winter, in the hope that we do not run out! This winter was managed but barely and we had to buy in 1 load of wood. Work through the rain on a few occasions, hail on others, to keep up the supply and we went a few nights without a heater to keep us warm to save on wood!

So if we manage that it will be a blessing! We also really need to get some fencing done to get some livestock in, just sheep to start with, but the best laid plans and all that huh?

We really don't have any money to spend on fencing at the moment! maybe after familymas we can play catch up and get some stuff sorted out, we talk about these things alot but the reality is we have never put a plan on paper and into action! We talk about it for a while and then 1 or the other of us will decide it is time and start to do it without really thinking it through!
Most often it turns out well with some input between us both but at the same time it almost always ends in argument as well!

I have 4 spare days between now and Familymas, at least 1 of those will be spent recovering from the night previous! I do in all that have 1 day with just the baby and hubby here so maybe that day will be taken up with sewing for Gifts! I have 1 massive undertaking to complete in whatever spare moment I can get and I and hoping beyond hope that it turns out magnificently!

Back when I next have a 'procrastinating moment' that isn't filled by face book or forums!!

Going to Plan?

Does anything EVER go to plan?

I am a bit out of touch at the moment and things are dragging out alot.
Soon I hope to be doing some tie-dying, christmas is approaching and it seems that is going to be taking up most of the time that I have spare.

I have plans, but I think it needs to be taken slower than originally thought out.

Christmas, Familymas, Giftmas???

This year seems to be falling under all of those catagories!

Lets start at the baby,
She is almost 18 months old, she knows nothing of chirstmas, and her whole life is centered around her family... There is nothing she wishes for besides having a fun time, not being hungry or thirsty and sleeping when she is tired. It is the ultimate in a blissful life!

The 3yo,
He still doesn't understand what is going on, he is starting to want presents, but just because everyone is asking him what he wants! The biggest dilema we have is "Why is it christmas time in the shops, but not christmas time at our house yet?" and really how do you explain this to a 3yo?
I know it is confusing but the shops have to have christmas time early so that people can spend lots of money buying decorations and presents before it is actually christmas time!

The 8yo,
She is all about Giftmas this year, with a little Christmas thrown in, she wants to do 'christmas' songs, and learn 'christian' things. I am loathe to bring that into our lives and I am coming back to the same dilema I always have relating to this stuff, encouraging the thoughts that it is all about family, but we are always about family so how would being about family make christmas stand out from the rest? She is very much a book lover so at least alot of her presents are not going to be useless crap right?

November 26, 2010

General Madness

My house is the absolute shambles, I feel like my house looks and honestly I don't think the kids are much better!

The boy child has been off every evening for the last few days, his eyes hurt, his nose is snuffly and he is coughing a bit. Just that sounds to me to be hayfeverish and I guess it could be but why now and not a few months ago? Hopefully it is something as simple as a small cold and in a few days it will be gone!

I have been so lax in the parenting and house keeping department that I am losing touch with my self and my children, I have lost all emotional connects to my family and all I want to do is curl up in a corner and do nothing all day every day.

I have been baking every second day and cooking almost every night. I am over it all, I feel like all I am is a maid and nanny!
When I make an effort to parent well, I get rewarded with the children tearing my house apart or adding food from the pantry to their play when I turn my back for 5 minutes to get something else done!

I am just OVER. IT.

Familymas is getting closer and the closer it gets the more it becomes Giftmas in my head, all I am concerned with is what gift to get this person or that person and it is driving me nuts even though I am more organised this year than I normally am.
I have 4 days to finish the kids Advent calendar and ALOT still to do on that. So my project for today is to get through more of that.
I would like to make it an activity calendar but really I think there will only be a few activities spread through the 24 days.

So much to do and the stuff I want to do is put on the backburner again because other things just have to come first.

If anyone has some spare get up and go somewhere please pass it on down the line...

November 18, 2010

Thinking Thursday...

OMG yes it is Thursday... I am feeling behind the 8-ball but rather enjoying the blissful lack of awareness of what the day is....

I have created a new blog in an altogether new profile for my business dealings... if you can call them that, you can find it here

There isn't much there for now, but there is a link to my etsy store and I am going to update it with some photos of Fabrics and stuff as soon as I get the time to take the pictures..

On the Home front, I have a delicious smelling meal bubbling away in the slow cooker for dinner... I might blog it later if it tastes any good ;)
We have 6 baby chickens in the small coop with their mummy they hatched last sunday.
We are so thrilled to have run the risk and wound up with 50/50 odds on the eggs we set under her, well it was really a little more than that but 1 chicken met it's fate under mummy hens feet :(
We really need to sort out a bigger fenced off area for them to wander in as the cage isn't big enough for all of them anymore.
The weekend provided the weather is good will see to that and hopefully the completion of the dog pen. We really need to get that sorted as the dogs can't remain chained up most of the time, they get 3-4 hours each weeknight off the chains and then are off most of the time over the weekend. But giving them a pen rather than a limited chain space will be much better for them and they will be let out as often as they are let off the chains anyway.

There is alot of grass that needs cutting and alot of thistles that need brushcutting it is rather hectic when you don't have the equipment to do the jobs.

We had the septic tank pumped tuesday as it was overflowing... Apparently the job wasn't done in the last 2 years like we where told when we bought the place, but I can understand how you could lose track of that sort of thing.

My car will be fixed soon, well not fixed just maintained it needs a few required jobs done to it.

Um, after all that, I think I am out of thinking space...

Familymas is coming was to fast for me to prepare for and I am struggling to find the inspiration for all things familymas like....

Getting Started

First post on the new blog, don't really have alot to say!!

I am busy with all things house and a few things business, as it stands I await time to get into sewing some more sizes and styles.

I will be back to update when I have more to update on! Hopefully not long.

November 12, 2010

'award acceptance'

Well a dear friend Mummy Snow over at Snowflakes in the Valley has been kind enough to give me a Stylish blogger award. I really got it yesterday, but was not feeling deserving so today is the day :)

Rule and Regulations:

Share 7 random things about yourself...

1. My astrological sign is Cancer
2. I have 3 sets of oracle cards - that are rarely used
3. Most of my clothes are things I hate to wear, that are comfortable
4. I have always wanted to go to Antarctica and Egypt
5. I supposedly need reading glasses but rarely wear them
6. I sometimes feel like I don't belong in my body
7. I love cooking but hate sharing the kitchen with children.

Here are the blogs to which I hereby award the Stylish Blog Award.

An Everyday Mother's Musings
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Why would I want to grow up?

*The Rules for accepting the award are:
  • Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Pass this on to 15 other great bloggers you recently discovered.
  • Contact the selected bloggers and tell them about their awards.

November 11, 2010


Thinking Thursday

Well it seems this option is better than the previous one of Wondering wednesday, because my wednesdays are seemingly taken up with other things.
Every second wednesday my mother in law has my 2 youngest children for the day while I head into town for a social day with some gorgeous women.
On the wednesday that is not happen (this was yesterday) we get the fortnightly pay which means I need to head out and get groceries. As happened yesterday the day was pretty good I was happy to venture out to the grocery store 30 minutes away wiht my 2 young children.. the other child was at school.. when about 5 minutes out from the supermarket the youngest decided that she was car sick... On a stretch of road with no where to pull over, my baby vomited all over herself and her carseat. So we get to the supermarket and I go about cleaning up the baby, remembering that I didn't bring spare clothes, I pop the boot in the hope that perhaps there is *something* I can dress my newly naked child in.. "Hurrah" a bag of stuff left over from last wednesdays stay at Nan's. Thankful I begin to dress my youngest when the 3year old claims he feels sick... Thinking it is just a side effect of seeing his sister get all the attention I tell him calmly that I will not be long, and undo the buckle on his seat so he has room to move. He gets out of his seat and promptly vomits all over himself, his carseat and the back seat of the car.... Luckily the bag previously mentioned has a change of his clothes too. So I get the baby on my back in the Ergo, get the 3yo out of the car and proceed to change him. Then clean the car as best I can with...well rubbish that was on the floor! and we all head into the supermarket feeling a little more Blah about the day.
This feeling proceeded to get increasingly worse throughout the day even though nothing really awful happened again. By the time hubby got home that afternoon I was in the worst of moods and nothing was going to change that.... Thankfully though I am feeling out of place today, I am not in that awful mood!

Bring on next wednesday!!!

In other news I have washed and dried the fabrics for the quilt christmas gift and am headed to my mothers on the weekend to cut it all in preparation.

I have almost finished a pair of trousers for a friend.
I have a new ETSY store
and today is a day for relaxing and taking stock of where I need to go from here :)

November 7, 2010

So it is Sunday

What is going on around here?

Well, I have sewn 3 things to sell on my facebook business page. If you are interested send me a comment here or comment on the photo's if you can.
If not you can email me

I also made a cape for a birthday present for the oldest sproglets friend. She went to the party yesterday.

We have freshly mown grass and lots of washing done thanks largely to Hubby who did it all while I was sewing!!!
I am now in a situation where things are becoming more involved and I think I might be pushing myself too much, which is what I was afraid of in the beginning, I don't want to burn out and the only saving grace at the moment is that I am loving what I do.
Unfortunately the housework is losing out to the things I enjoy doing and it means that I need to stop and take stock... so today rather than do the patterns I was intending to make, I am going to try and clean house. Hence my procrastinating blog post!

I have 1 item that is on the go, the sproglets advent calendar, which I really should focus a bit more attention to also otherwise it will not get done before it needs to be used.

I have a big christmas project on the cards which will take alot of work and must get on to that sooner or it will not be done in time for christmas!
I have a smaller christmas project on which will be a little time consuming but should work well and give me some time out when sewing is not an option and it is something that sproglet 1 can join in with :)

After all this I need to find more time to make some more stock and sell some stock and buy some more materials and, and, and....

Now I have to go investigate what the Dog is barking wildly at....

November 4, 2010

Thinking Thursday

As an off shoot to wondering wednesday, because well I missed wondering wednesday!..
I am hitting the Blog with "Thinking Thursday"

Why is because I couldn't "think" of anything to call the post and it was a day late for 'ww'!

So what have I been doing?

Yesterday I went to a lovely cooking circle where we cooked and ate a magnificent risotto, mmmm roast pumpkin and asparagus thanks in kind go to Hilbarn for supplying the fresh produce boxes we got the ingredients from... In kind with that another thankyou goes out to hilbarn for the 10 gorgeous white roses I received in this weeks box.

A huge thankyou to the home we invaded for our cooking circle and the 3 gorgeous women (and babies) I shared the day with :)

In other news I have started a business venture! You can find me on facebook
It is a slow process because if I try and take it too fast I will over commit and it will all fall apart, and that is not the idea behind this.

I have a few projects in play and a few in mind, some are xmas presents some are business related and yet another is an advent calendar for my children... so a few things on the cards, not too many on the go just yet tho :)

Hopefully sewing a few things today to get the ball rolling with business related stuff :)