November 26, 2010

General Madness

My house is the absolute shambles, I feel like my house looks and honestly I don't think the kids are much better!

The boy child has been off every evening for the last few days, his eyes hurt, his nose is snuffly and he is coughing a bit. Just that sounds to me to be hayfeverish and I guess it could be but why now and not a few months ago? Hopefully it is something as simple as a small cold and in a few days it will be gone!

I have been so lax in the parenting and house keeping department that I am losing touch with my self and my children, I have lost all emotional connects to my family and all I want to do is curl up in a corner and do nothing all day every day.

I have been baking every second day and cooking almost every night. I am over it all, I feel like all I am is a maid and nanny!
When I make an effort to parent well, I get rewarded with the children tearing my house apart or adding food from the pantry to their play when I turn my back for 5 minutes to get something else done!

I am just OVER. IT.

Familymas is getting closer and the closer it gets the more it becomes Giftmas in my head, all I am concerned with is what gift to get this person or that person and it is driving me nuts even though I am more organised this year than I normally am.
I have 4 days to finish the kids Advent calendar and ALOT still to do on that. So my project for today is to get through more of that.
I would like to make it an activity calendar but really I think there will only be a few activities spread through the 24 days.

So much to do and the stuff I want to do is put on the backburner again because other things just have to come first.

If anyone has some spare get up and go somewhere please pass it on down the line...

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