November 18, 2010

Thinking Thursday...

OMG yes it is Thursday... I am feeling behind the 8-ball but rather enjoying the blissful lack of awareness of what the day is....

I have created a new blog in an altogether new profile for my business dealings... if you can call them that, you can find it here

There isn't much there for now, but there is a link to my etsy store and I am going to update it with some photos of Fabrics and stuff as soon as I get the time to take the pictures..

On the Home front, I have a delicious smelling meal bubbling away in the slow cooker for dinner... I might blog it later if it tastes any good ;)
We have 6 baby chickens in the small coop with their mummy they hatched last sunday.
We are so thrilled to have run the risk and wound up with 50/50 odds on the eggs we set under her, well it was really a little more than that but 1 chicken met it's fate under mummy hens feet :(
We really need to sort out a bigger fenced off area for them to wander in as the cage isn't big enough for all of them anymore.
The weekend provided the weather is good will see to that and hopefully the completion of the dog pen. We really need to get that sorted as the dogs can't remain chained up most of the time, they get 3-4 hours each weeknight off the chains and then are off most of the time over the weekend. But giving them a pen rather than a limited chain space will be much better for them and they will be let out as often as they are let off the chains anyway.

There is alot of grass that needs cutting and alot of thistles that need brushcutting it is rather hectic when you don't have the equipment to do the jobs.

We had the septic tank pumped tuesday as it was overflowing... Apparently the job wasn't done in the last 2 years like we where told when we bought the place, but I can understand how you could lose track of that sort of thing.

My car will be fixed soon, well not fixed just maintained it needs a few required jobs done to it.

Um, after all that, I think I am out of thinking space...

Familymas is coming was to fast for me to prepare for and I am struggling to find the inspiration for all things familymas like....

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