November 29, 2010

Christmas, Familymas, Giftmas???

This year seems to be falling under all of those catagories!

Lets start at the baby,
She is almost 18 months old, she knows nothing of chirstmas, and her whole life is centered around her family... There is nothing she wishes for besides having a fun time, not being hungry or thirsty and sleeping when she is tired. It is the ultimate in a blissful life!

The 3yo,
He still doesn't understand what is going on, he is starting to want presents, but just because everyone is asking him what he wants! The biggest dilema we have is "Why is it christmas time in the shops, but not christmas time at our house yet?" and really how do you explain this to a 3yo?
I know it is confusing but the shops have to have christmas time early so that people can spend lots of money buying decorations and presents before it is actually christmas time!

The 8yo,
She is all about Giftmas this year, with a little Christmas thrown in, she wants to do 'christmas' songs, and learn 'christian' things. I am loathe to bring that into our lives and I am coming back to the same dilema I always have relating to this stuff, encouraging the thoughts that it is all about family, but we are always about family so how would being about family make christmas stand out from the rest? She is very much a book lover so at least alot of her presents are not going to be useless crap right?

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