November 7, 2010

So it is Sunday

What is going on around here?

Well, I have sewn 3 things to sell on my facebook business page. If you are interested send me a comment here or comment on the photo's if you can.
If not you can email me

I also made a cape for a birthday present for the oldest sproglets friend. She went to the party yesterday.

We have freshly mown grass and lots of washing done thanks largely to Hubby who did it all while I was sewing!!!
I am now in a situation where things are becoming more involved and I think I might be pushing myself too much, which is what I was afraid of in the beginning, I don't want to burn out and the only saving grace at the moment is that I am loving what I do.
Unfortunately the housework is losing out to the things I enjoy doing and it means that I need to stop and take stock... so today rather than do the patterns I was intending to make, I am going to try and clean house. Hence my procrastinating blog post!

I have 1 item that is on the go, the sproglets advent calendar, which I really should focus a bit more attention to also otherwise it will not get done before it needs to be used.

I have a big christmas project on the cards which will take alot of work and must get on to that sooner or it will not be done in time for christmas!
I have a smaller christmas project on which will be a little time consuming but should work well and give me some time out when sewing is not an option and it is something that sproglet 1 can join in with :)

After all this I need to find more time to make some more stock and sell some stock and buy some more materials and, and, and....

Now I have to go investigate what the Dog is barking wildly at....

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