November 29, 2010

Monday strikes again!

and in 3 weeks from this very moment my hubby will be on holidays!!! for only 3 weeks but still! There is alot to do in that time and with any sort of luck what so ever we might actually get through some of it!

We really need to get some wood stacked up for the winter, in the hope that we do not run out! This winter was managed but barely and we had to buy in 1 load of wood. Work through the rain on a few occasions, hail on others, to keep up the supply and we went a few nights without a heater to keep us warm to save on wood!

So if we manage that it will be a blessing! We also really need to get some fencing done to get some livestock in, just sheep to start with, but the best laid plans and all that huh?

We really don't have any money to spend on fencing at the moment! maybe after familymas we can play catch up and get some stuff sorted out, we talk about these things alot but the reality is we have never put a plan on paper and into action! We talk about it for a while and then 1 or the other of us will decide it is time and start to do it without really thinking it through!
Most often it turns out well with some input between us both but at the same time it almost always ends in argument as well!

I have 4 spare days between now and Familymas, at least 1 of those will be spent recovering from the night previous! I do in all that have 1 day with just the baby and hubby here so maybe that day will be taken up with sewing for Gifts! I have 1 massive undertaking to complete in whatever spare moment I can get and I and hoping beyond hope that it turns out magnificently!

Back when I next have a 'procrastinating moment' that isn't filled by face book or forums!!

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