November 11, 2010

Thinking Thursday

Well it seems this option is better than the previous one of Wondering wednesday, because my wednesdays are seemingly taken up with other things.
Every second wednesday my mother in law has my 2 youngest children for the day while I head into town for a social day with some gorgeous women.
On the wednesday that is not happen (this was yesterday) we get the fortnightly pay which means I need to head out and get groceries. As happened yesterday the day was pretty good I was happy to venture out to the grocery store 30 minutes away wiht my 2 young children.. the other child was at school.. when about 5 minutes out from the supermarket the youngest decided that she was car sick... On a stretch of road with no where to pull over, my baby vomited all over herself and her carseat. So we get to the supermarket and I go about cleaning up the baby, remembering that I didn't bring spare clothes, I pop the boot in the hope that perhaps there is *something* I can dress my newly naked child in.. "Hurrah" a bag of stuff left over from last wednesdays stay at Nan's. Thankful I begin to dress my youngest when the 3year old claims he feels sick... Thinking it is just a side effect of seeing his sister get all the attention I tell him calmly that I will not be long, and undo the buckle on his seat so he has room to move. He gets out of his seat and promptly vomits all over himself, his carseat and the back seat of the car.... Luckily the bag previously mentioned has a change of his clothes too. So I get the baby on my back in the Ergo, get the 3yo out of the car and proceed to change him. Then clean the car as best I can with...well rubbish that was on the floor! and we all head into the supermarket feeling a little more Blah about the day.
This feeling proceeded to get increasingly worse throughout the day even though nothing really awful happened again. By the time hubby got home that afternoon I was in the worst of moods and nothing was going to change that.... Thankfully though I am feeling out of place today, I am not in that awful mood!

Bring on next wednesday!!!

In other news I have washed and dried the fabrics for the quilt christmas gift and am headed to my mothers on the weekend to cut it all in preparation.

I have almost finished a pair of trousers for a friend.
I have a new ETSY store
and today is a day for relaxing and taking stock of where I need to go from here :)

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