February 18, 2011

Just life

So it seems with the start of school rush, somewhere my little boy picked up a lovely bug from somewhere and has spent a nice couple of days barely able to move and not feeling so great on the couch, he is over it now but in the process of him getting better both his sisters have picked up the bug and while the baby is handling it well, thankyou breast feeding, the big girl is home from school on just her 3rd day :(.

We have something to do this weekend and it appears that we are just going to have to let that slide.

I am feeling totally overwhelmed by all the sickness and being stuck here in this place unable to go anywhere, because well DH still hasn't done any more about his car :( So is still using mine!

The boy is going a little stir crazy too because he is now better he likes to find things that I am not happy for him to do and do them continuously.

This is not a 'happy mummy' house at the moment...

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  1. Sorry you're having such a tough time. It really sucks when the kids all catch something in relay, btdt. Take care of yourself xxx