August 16, 2010

Bits and Bobs

Just thought it was time to update, it has been a while.
I have finished 1 quilt of 2 for the twins... and am pleased with the result although there are parts that I would prefer to have been done more professionally all this comes with practice and that is something I haven't done a great deal of!!

Pics will come later as I don't have alot of time to do those at the moment, what with another quilt to make and more to do after that!

I got a new phone, it is an HTC Desire and I quite like it. We have canceled the home phone as of the 10th of next month and have only the mobiles, as it seems more appropriate for us at the moment.

I had a tupperware party and did quite well out of it, $240 worth of tupperware for free, and spent the same amount on tupperware too *blush*
Love my tupperware!!

The baby fell over twice last week and took the skin off her nose both times poor tyke, it is healing really well tho and most of the scab came away yesterday to reveal nice pink healthy skin underneath.

I best go I think my young man is helping himself to some food :)

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