October 15, 2010

Creativity and Craft

I would love to claim sole responsibility, for the product featured in this post and although I did make it from measuring to drawing pattern to finished, I did not create the basic shape of the pattern without some inspiration in the way of a tute from here. The tute gave me the basic idea and I went from there, I can't find the exact thread again, but I am not a member and could view it so you could try a search for "Wrap Jumper Top"

This is actually a wrap around button up top for my daughter, I don't have measurements, it is about a size 1, I can measure the pattern if anyone wants me too.

This is the pattern I made up, without the seam allowance, You put the straight edge on the fold of your material and cut around it allowing room for seams.

I cut out 1 piece in each fabric of choice...

Then put right sides together pin around the edges, and sew leaving an opening for turning, I left the straight edge that is to become the top front of the top, right in the centre of this pic.

I used an overlocker to sew around the inside as I thought it would be easier than trimming the seams down later so that turning it right way out would look flat and more professional. I did not realise at that stage how difficult it was to sew curves with an overlocker, so after a steady but SLOW pace I managed to get around the whole thing, it probably does not help that the Husky lock in question is OLD, and a little worn out ;)

Turn your fabrics right side out,

Fold the unsewn edges in, sew along the opening, add some button holes and some buttons and you are done.

Close up of the buttons and buttonholes, this was my first ever attempt at button holes and I am very happy with the result, but they could be a bit neater. My intention was to make it reversible but in the interest of it looking neat I don't think that will happen.

And the model for whom the top was sewn :)

Don't mind the daggy nappy!

Things I would do differently....

1. I will do the next some with the sewing machine and trim it, or try a more up to date overlocker, the cutter on the one I used doesn't do its job quite right....

2. Try and get the button holes neater

3. Sew buttons on both sides of straps, through only the top layer of fabric!

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  1. That is awesome, you clever woman, and it looks sooo cute! (But who is this walking baby?! J can't possibly be that big?)