June 14, 2010

Home school is no more...

So what a journey we had, it was only just really beginning and now it is no more...
Ishtar returned to school (a new school for her, locally) 2 weeks before the Tasmanian school term break, which ends tomorrow with most students returning for term 2 but at Ishtar's school there is a "Student Free day" and as such she will be returning to school on Wednesday.
surprisingly for me I am finding things alot more relaxed and enjoyable without her here during the day. Unsurprisingly she absolutely loves school and has already made some new friends and is really fitting in well from what I understand.

The journey to learning is still here to map my parenting journey, as my other blog is being allocated to stories of the hearth and my own journey of discovery for myself, the property that we have taken on and any crafty projects I take along the way.

So I will update periodically with things that concern me on any parenting front.
As home is where things are learnt regardless of whether your child goes to school or not.
The most recent journey of discovery here has been a lengthy conversation with my recently turned 8 year old about the menstrual cycle and all things associated with it, we will be taking a special shopping trip to get some material for her menstrual pads as she has decided that like her mummy she wants to use reusable pads.

back soon

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