July 5, 2010

Homestead News

If you can call it a homestead....
With regards to chookens, yes "chookens", we have decided that chickens are a must, we are getting 3 eggs daily at the moment and as such we have decided to leave 2 days worth of eggs in the nest and collect the oldest eggs everyday (starting tomorrow) put the eggs we want to hatch aside until we have the desired amount (12) and hope that one of the chickens goes broody in the mean time so we can put her on a nest with all the eggs in a cage of her own, so by day 21 after the relocation, we hope to have some little chicks.

In other news, with a helping hand from a friend, I have a corrugated iron round garden bed ready to be put in place and filled so I can start planting. Carrots seem to be the likely culprit for a first crop. I also have 2 more rounds that need cutting and joining to add to the garden location. I need to go elsewhere and dig up the soil to put in the beds, with additions of turkey and chook poo, maybe some shredded newspaper to encourage the wormies.

Kurt picked up our first Hilbarn delivery today, a gorgeous box of fresh local vegies and fruit, a few we have never used before and I quite look forward to the learning curve.

Our oldest child has decided today that she wants to start cooking, taking photo's and putting up recipes on the internet, a fanciful idea helped along by her fathers's culinary creation of a fried devon and egg bread roll stack! (which he photographed and said he was putting on facebook)
I am not at all sure if that had ANY health properties to it but none the less it looked great to her and as such she has decided that she wants to do something similar, starting with a vanilla cake with lemon icing.
I am not sure if we will get there or not but if we do it will go over in the Journey to Learning blog.

Since the oldest's return home from school with a cold last week both the baby and I have developed the same cold and I am feeling very drained without doing much at all. I have been dosing up on vit c and hoping it will not be long before it is all over!
Kurt's birthday sunday and we have nothing planned for a present, but basically we cant afford alot anyway.
My birthday the friday after that and well much the same thing is applied!
Kurt is having a party type thing here on Saturday if people actually show up this time round! Living this far out of town seems to mean very few people want to make the trip even though there is room to stay and no need to drive home in the late night/early morning fog if they don't want to.
We will see what happens I guess.
Wallaby for tea tonight, will see if I can make it a good experience for us all or not!

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