July 20, 2010


So we got our third week of Hilbarn boxes yesterday and while it was good it wasn't quite as 'us' as we would normally go for, so finding some creative inspiration might be needed to use it up, and also to use up what is left of the massive box from last week.
Maybe a recipe post or 2 wouldn't go astray.
Kurt and I got a pie maker for our birthday present and some pastry to go with it! We have had egg and bacon pies and chunky steak pies so far. DD wants pies for dinner tonight but we are having stir fry with chicken to use up some of our vegetable content and I think pies will be on tomorrow nights agenda.
I do have some pics for the blog but at the moment I haven't edited the size of them so they are still waiting.
Maybe they can go on the journey blog as our first recipe?
I have made a start on the Quilts I have the layout designed and ready I need to wash the backing fabric and get a few more things from spotlight and we will be ready to sew.
I hope I do it all justice and make something for the gorgeous bubs to treasure.

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