July 30, 2010

More of the same...

This weekend will be a busy one, if I can find the time between looking after the children and getting the house-work done at any rate!

I have to sort out an enclosed child proof backyard, as yesterday my son (almost 3) took my daughter (1) down to the road to check the mail!! OMG!!! I had a small panic attack and proceeded to close the gate... The gate is annoying when it is closed all the time, I have issues with getting in and out of the car everytime to open and then close the gate... maybe it is just laziness?
We still need the enclosed backyard whether the gate is open or closed, I have a tupperware party next weekend and there needs to be a safe place for the children to enjoy the time they will be here, and there will be lots of them, so that the parents can relax have a cuppa and chat and buy tupperware LOL! Not that I am concerned with the amount of tupperware anyone buys :)

I will be meeting at least 1 new person which will be great (I hope) after receiving the phone call this morning to RSVP I am now exceedingly nervous about the whole thing and I can not even remember her name :(

In the way of sewing, I have alot to do also, I have everything I need to get things done now but I still need to find the time to DO them.
Blessingway flags are first on the agenda because they need to be posted out on monday. To do that I have to iron, cut, overlock and then sew and draw a border around each one.
The the quilts for Suzi's twins, which I wanted to post out on monday too but I am not sure I will make that deadline, although I will do my absolute best to.
More Ironing, cutting, overlocking, sewing, piecing the lot together, sewing, binding the edges, sewing... you get the idea.

So a busy one, if I get the time I will photograph as I go, on top of that Kurt really need to get out and cut some more wood, hopefully find some good dry stuff to cut so that the combustion can be going most of the time... I need to get outside and do washing and pruning of the fruit trees and other things, that should have been done a while back now.

I have a sick 8yo who will be returning to my care either tonight or tomorrow depending on how my mother in law feels, as she was collected from school yesterday and stayed with her nan so as to save me waking the baby and then hopefully save us all from getting whatever bug she has picked up... reason number 753 to home school anyone. Said 8yo loves school though, it is working for her and that is what is important in the long run as it is her life.

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