July 13, 2010

Hilbarn - week 1

OK so lets see if I can get 10 minutes without either of my children waking, it is rare that Ishtar gets off to school without one of the younger ones being awake so fingers crossed I can get a few blog posts up before the havoc starts.

We are getting Hilbarn deliveries, well no we are picking them up from a delivery location as they don't deliver to our area but Kurt travels through Launceston on the day they deliver so it isn't hard to just grab the box. Hilbarn is a fruit and veg delivery service providing $25 and $50 boxes of fresh and local fruit and veg.

Last week we got our first box of $25, it included potatoes, lemons, lime, cos lettuce, tomatoes, alfalfa, onion, apples, pears and Tamarillo. Possibly more but I can't think right now, here is a photo of the first box.

It was exciting to sort through it all and try to find somewhere to put everything away.
Not only that the contents tastes great and the idea that someone else does the choosing and packing for you means you get all good stuff without having to sort through the supermarket/greengrocer bins and you get items you would never have picked out for yourself, so you get an incentive to use a bigger range of ingredients.

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