July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

So it is my birthday today :)
I turn 28 years old, not that it makes that much difference time wise really as yesterday I was 1 day off 28 years old, but you know.
Happy birthing day Mum, I hope it wasn't too much hell for you to remember.

Today I have offered to make a beautiful woman a gift of 2 quilts for her premie twin boys that she is struggling to make the hospital give her the room to care for in the best possible way, I hope I can do them justice if I am asked to go ahead with them.
I have been out and collected sticks to set the fire for Kurt to light when he gets home so that the house will be warm when the children and I return from my sister's birthday tea(for me)/tupperware party.
I have been out and few the chooks and collected the 2 eggs only to go out again this afternoon and get DS to collect another 2 for me, 4 eggs again today, 4 on wednesday only 2 yesterday tho!

I am taking a dozen eggs to my sisters as we have a heap but I am thinking I might add another 12 to that because there is still over 2 dozen in my fridge.
and with them laying 4 a day I need to get rid of them somewhere :)
that will do for now,I will have to take some pics of our new orchard soon and post about that maybe over the weekend.

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