September 4, 2012

A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

So, I know I said I would Blog yesterday, and I totally didn't!

I also said I would try and get in on the OperationMOVE action on Sunday, and I failed at that too!!

But here we are a couple of days on and if you check out my new ticker <-- over there! You will see I have done 60 minutes or my 600!!!

Yes that is correct I did 30 minutes walking yesterday and another 30 minutes walking today!! YAY Go me!!!

To check out what it is all about or to join in click on the OperationMOVE button <-- over there!

So on to the Slow Home thing I promised to write about... Head over and check out Brooke at Slow Your Home

She offers a 20 part email course packed full of ideas for organising, cleaning, storing and essentially SLOWING your home down and making everything run smoother and more efficiently...

Unfortunately for me, being up to number 10 on the list, I am yet to do number 1 and even start!

Spring is here, spring cleaning IS on the agenda, and yet other things are consistently taking priority and not much is getting done!

So next time I blog, be that tomorrow or next week I will have at least 1 story to tell about the Bootcamp, and Hopefully it will be a fabulous one that means something in my house is organised, decluttered and running effectively!

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