September 2, 2012


I have been meaning to blog for a while... other things just seem to take priority!!

So September is here! Bringing with it the Calendar start to spring! Essentially spring started a while back but it is good to have a date to look forward to and easier for those who don't watch the seasons in nature!

The first calendar day of spring this year, brings with it an 11 year wedding anniversary that was basically left uncelebrated, as chosen by both parties! It was a beautiful day and with the ability to get washing out and dry, that took priority over much of anything else we could have done! The problem then becomes the fact that we barely got half way through the washing pile!

It also begins the first month of OperationMOVE, over at Kate Says Stuff!


and Hells if I didn't stuff up on day one and not do what i was supposed too!
So a revised take on the timetable and here we are!

I have committed to 600 minutes of excercise in September, being 30 minutes of walking on treadmill excercise 5 days per week.  Those days are going to be Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Lets hope the revised timetable works out and I manage those 30 minutes today!

You can join in via the link above and using #OperationMOVE on Twitter.

What else is on the list of things to blog about?

Oh yup, business stuff...


Which is also eating up my time and I am exhausted THRILLED!

Next post hopefully Tomorrow I will introduce you to another blogger who is kicking my butt helping me out, in the home organisation stakes!



  1. Congratulations on receiving your first wholesale order :)